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What does a random text mean after no comms?

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Ex and I have been broken up for 4 months now. I regularly send professions of love via email. She broke up with me. On occasion she responds and says 'she can't talk yet' and other random arbitrary statements. I've asked her to tell me to stop all comms and to basically tell me to just fck off and she won't do it. (I don't want her to either)


This last Sunday, she breaks radio silence with a text. She didn't say anything. It was just a picture of something on the street that we share in common. I responded back a few hours later, only to realize that she hasn't actually unblocked me from texting her. ('Delivered' has not shown) in the text I asked if she wanted to talk. So I sent that in an email instead. And she hasn't responded.


Can any women explain this action to me?

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She broke up with you. It's over. Why in the world are you engaging with her at all?


Don't you get it? She no longer wants to be with you....drop it, move on and start the healing/recovery process.


You are NOT respecting her decision, you should.


Besides, why in the world would you want to be with a person that does not want ANY part of you? That's troubling IMO.

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