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Poetry: Been Together


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I've seen this sh*t happen before,

it happens often,

everytime i turn my head,

damn it's goin' on more n' more.


On a hundred downers,

seems it makes the pain go away;

When i feel depressed, I write, it's an obsession,

my heart throbing, emotionally, not a possession;


How could you do this to me...

what was it all for?

How come you hurt me and not sooth me when I was sore?

you ask me to come back to you, pleading at my door.


How can i say this?...

I'm not mad, but try to understand,

I only see and feel for you as a friend.

So if i could end this conversation fast, this will be the last moment I'll ever have with your a$$.


Now you feel the disarray...

What irony that you would start feelin' this way...

I am sorry these words are harsh...

but it's what i needed to say...


Been together..wuz together...not now,anymore,or even whenever


by the way tell me if ya liked it? Peace B



Copyrighted by Darrian Blades (Immunity)

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