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This is to make everyone in here feel better. If you guys are going through tough social or financial times, or anything of the sort, just be greatful and relieved that you don't experience Panic Attacks because I am honestly convinced they are the scariest thing an organism can ever experience. Nothing compares to it, not even a heart attack or an actual physical ailment,a nd when youre in one you would do ANYTHING to get out of it.


I have had two severe ones in my life, and the other ones i have cut short by trying to relax. I've beat the problem now, and I am not crazy or anything i am completely normal, and it was never even labeled a disorder, just a few bad experiences. But I saw a story on the news today about Panic attacks, and it automatically made me think of how HORRIFIC they are



Here is the scariest moment of my life:



I was sitting in an NBA Arena, high up in the bleachers, when I took a deep breath and I couldn't get a full one. This isnt normally a big deal I probably wasnt sitting upright or something, but I got this sudden shock of terror and started to hyperventalite. Every breath I took was a full deepbreath and I couldnt get a full one, probably because I was panicking. Youy have no idea what it feels like to not be able to breathe. After a while of extreme anxiety and trying to catch you breath you start getting tremendously dizzy and tingly and lightheaded and you are scared out of your mind. Your heart is bumping out of your chest and you feel like you cant get any oxygen. You honeslty think this is the end of your life.


So, I got up and went to the bathroom and felt like i was going to pass out i was absolutely terrified and i knew i couldnt make it much longer, i was in my own little world, so i went back to the seats and said i felt like i was going to pass out and i couldnt breathe so we left the game and went to the hospital. i know it sounds silly afterwards but if you felt how i was feeling you would no doubt go to the hospital because i thought i was dying. On the car ride there i was in a state of unbeivable peril.


My whole body was tingling and i couldnt move some parts. My vi sion was blurred, i still couldnt get a full breath, and i was shaking as well. I got to the hospital, they took an oxygen test and it said i was 100%. that was a relief to my father who thought i was havign a heart attack even though i was only 17 haha. I was put into a room and i cant even believe to explain how i felt, i was so goddamn scared. they did tests and seemed as if everything was alright, my heart rate was roughly at 140 for a good hour, and my heart rate is normally 63. after a long time of hell, i had to take a massive piss, and no matter how scared i was i still needed to, it took me a good 5 minutes to get up cause i was still weak and numb, but then i was able to walk and take a leak, and when i got back into the bed it was all gone. The fact that i was able to get up and take a piss eased my mind and made me realize that i was fine.



I have had a few of these, and it was all in the mind. The whole experience is brought on by fear of losing control. However the whole experience can be on brought on by shortness of breath or not feeling well, so you start getting worried about it, and eventually an attack occurs. And even after how horrible the whole experience sounded, you could only imagine the terror of it if you are actually experiencing it. if you never have, then you couldnt possibly fathom how bad it is.


I dont know why i just wrote all of this but i felt better after writing it and if you dont suffer from them feel very fortunate cause they are horrifying. if you do, i feel very sorry for you.

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Thanks for the information, not that I need it because i do not have panic attacks, but it is nice to see some one take the time to type something up like that in effort to reach other people! I commend you! I believe that God is going to bless you pretty soon, and take away any stress you are going through right now, just bear with him, because he always bears with you!

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I've sorted had a panic attack. It was in biology and we were studying blood, I hate seeing blood. We were watching a video on it and it reminded me of the time i went to get my blood drawn for testing and i was siting up while they were drawing my blood and i fell back and the needle sliped out and blood squittered outta my arm and i passed out. Back to biology. Well i was thinking of that event and i felt as if i couldn't breath and i became really nervous it became really hard to breath or at least it felt it did, it when on for about 5 mins and then i just passed out. It was pretty embarssing, but no one picked on me about, for some reason I don't get picked on by my class mates ever, well sometimes but that is rare occasions.


Cya'll later.

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I hate panic attacks and i get them all the time it is so horrible...but mine aren't really a feeling of not being able to breathe as much i just get really tense and stuborn and curl up in a ball and just want to stay there forever...I hate it and I have empathy for anyone who experences them.

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I used to have these attacks but no so serious. You may call it anxiety attack. I used have this attack when I am going to do something bad and I know it is bad. It will drive me crazy I used to feel cold (even shivering), feel dizzy. My body is used to feel really warm like having a fever.

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