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Unsuccessful in love

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I can be called a black sheep in love. Everytime I choose to be alone;

somebody instantly walks into my life and acts like they like me; and

then when i start to fall for them; they instantly change their mind on

me; and leave me feeling broken hearted.


After that it takes me months to get over being sad, and when i finally

get over it and decided to forget about love; someone comes into my

life and acts like they like me again; and i was hard to that person; showed

no emotion, but then finally i soften up and when i did, that person

changed his mind and decided that he was just sprung on me but he

realized he didn't really love me.


I guess that teaches me a lesson; which is never to love again. I guess

i'm one of the few who are better off alone. Love stinks!

The worst part of it all is that all of them liked me first.


I'm starting to think that these guys need to be taught a lesson, i need to

get even with them back. But how?? I don't want to be too evil, but

just to make them piss off will suit me just fine. Messing with my feelings

like that is just plain wrong. AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! I am so frustrated.

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Hi Unhappygirl,


I am sorry to hear what you're going through. I am sure you're going through a hard time at the moment.


People differ from person to person and it's not easy to find Mr or Mrs Right and make out good from bad. That answer is in your heart at all times. Love is about taking risks. Every time you fall in love, you take a risk to get hurt. Love is a beautiful thing. To be cared of to be loved is very precious.


Don't give up, Unhappygirl. I am sure you do fine. Chin up and cheer up! I wish you good luck and a bright future


~ SwingFox ~

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unhappygrl, don't feel bad. Sure you may have had some bad past experiences, but I assure you, my tales are much much sader.


Things will get better. In fact, love will be better as you grow. I'm not sure how old you are, but, love doesn't begin to even take a serious playing field until you're like 20 years old or older... so, don't dread it...


Good luck

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my situes quite the same. i tend to get really close to some of the girls i reallly like but then they go out with my best mates. its happened soo many times. the first time it happened i got quite jelous and wanted do a revenge thing. but in the end i didnt. i think it these things gave me more experience in these situations so one day *fingers crossed* i will find that special sum 1 even though i have to put up with so much bad stuff. but in my opinion, dont give up on love, there r loads of peeps out there

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