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She cannot say "I love you"

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I've been seeing this girl, and everything is wonderful. But before me she dated 2 disgraces to mankind, who betrayed her trust and broke her heart. She says that I'm the man she wants in her life, but she cannot say I love you to me. Does she really love me, and cannot say it, should I be patient, or does she not want to hurt my feelings by telling me the truth about how she feels in her heart.

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I Love You is a very strong statement and to some people it means more to them then other people. Maybe she is one of these people that just doesent say it to anybody. Or maybe she is afraid to say it because she doesnt want to break her heart again.

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Hi, I agree with Babes. I think it's really difficult for a lot of people to express their feelings and especially verbally. You say she

dated 2 disgraces to mankind
and this may have made it very hard for her to say "I love you". Saying it can make a person feel real vulnerable and perhaps she may be finding it hard to open up as she's afraid of letting someone in on her feelings only to have her heart broken. You didn't say either how long you've been seeing her?? Maybe you just need to give her a bit of time? She might find it easier to express herself in different ways and not using words - I personally think that how you treat someone, what they're prepared to do for you and how they are with you says more about their true feelings towards you than anything they can ever say! Actions speak louder than words!


Anyways I'm one of the guilty! I find it really difficult to say "I love you". For similar reasons as above I guess - I've been hurt before real badly and I find it hard to say those words again. My boyfriend knows and understands that jus cos I don't say it doesn't mean I don't love him! Also I think "I love you" is so cheesy - everyone says it and it's so overused - there must be another more original way to express your feelings?!? Hope it all works out!

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Hey well how long have you been with this girl? Have you taken the time to find or ask how she feels about you? She might say she wants you in her life but just haven't reached that stage of saying I Love You. And most likely it will take her longer then you expect because of her past relationships. but all i can say is be patient because you cant rush a person to say i love you, you just have to let it happen naturally. but you can e mail me a email removed my name is venessa good luck


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