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i've recently been contacted by an ex of whom I dated about 4 years ago for almost 3 years. i was broken hearted and didn't talk to him for years. he recently found my email and contacted me. we've been chatting almost every night and emailing each other. i'm not sure what his intentions are and don't want to hurt a friendship if he isn't interested in getting back together with me. i still have feelings for him. when i try to joke around about me being single or about him being hot, i don't know if he's ignoring the comment or what because he just talks about his day. can't really get him to talk. he is currently in another state and we've made plans to see each other when he visits in about a month. what are your thoughts? thanks

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i went away to college and so did he but we were about 10 or so hrs apart. that sort of was the reason and he also said that he didn't love me anymore. we're still far away, but i've both grown so much, learned, experienced more when we were apart. we were each others first loves.

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I think that you should follow your heart, if it feels right, why not give it a go. Besides can you really ever be in a relationship without ever risking getting hurt? and have you ever asked him what his intentions are? Communication is the key to any relationship, wether romantic or a friendship, you need to communicate.

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Yeah I know I should follow my heart but maybe it would be better to wait and see when we go out. Unfortunately that won't be until next month. I thought I've subtly asked his intentions but never asked him straight up. What are your thoughts on how to bring it up?

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