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So the ex and i have been broken up for 3 months.....the past month he has been driving me crazy. He calls me, textes me, he even textes me to find out when im working and says he will come in but if he cant make it that day he will text and say he will be in the next day and he shows up. I dont evne ask him to come in. When we would talk he would be nosey to see if i was talking to anyone, and he would have to add "well im not dating anyone, its just me by myself". Im like wow thanks for sharring. he would find reasons to call or text or even find reasons to try and get me to hang out.


Finally i couldnt take this stuff anymore, i was done with the games. So i got the guts and called him and told him i could not be friends with him. Said that i still have feelings for him, and i was ntot sure what his intentions were because all of a sudden he has been paying so much attention to me, having so much intrest in my life. And that i just could not take it. He asked if he could still call me i said i didnt know.

he keep saying he wasnt expecting to hear this adn junk.


He was liek how about we give it a couple weeks or a month and see what happens (not sure what he was emplying) i was like i dont think so. He asked me to call him when i wanted to talk i said NO u call ME when ur ready to talk.


This occurred sunday the 26th. The next day around 2 am i see his screen name sign off. I didnt even know he was on. He is never on, he doesnt have internet. I think the last time he was on was a month ago, which was the beginning of us talking. Before that it must of been 6 months. He doesnt even have any buddies. His list includes me, my sister, his family and my best firend. A total of 9 people......


TOday toi my supirse at work he shows up......i work in the mall so yeah its a free country......but he didnt have to come in if he saw me working, and he came in my line to check out. I mean COME on......he did not have to come in after sundays converstion. So now im confused once again....what does he want???????????

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thanks for the reply.....


i would like to think that but why doesnt he step up and admit he was wrong. He broke up with me, i wasnt going to say what i said on sunday... i was gonna play it out and see what happens but i couldnt take it anymore....so i stepped up and made a move.


I really dont know waht to think of what he wants...............wouldnt the average person think thats what he wants? i dont know maybe once again ive read to much into things

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do you want him back? at all? sounds like you are ready to move on and thats great. let him regeret what he did (break up with you).


hmmm, after telling him not to bother you and he is doing these thing would kind of freak me out.... how are you feeling about it? just annoyed or are you starting to get a little creeped out. i mean when you write the facts down, plain and simple, his behavior is compulsive and needy and disrespectful. im sure he misses you and the fact that you dont want him back prob makes him more curious why (the reason he is basically stalking you). maybe you have to tell him again. tell him that he is starting to scare you with the way he is acting, and if he keeps it up, you are going to really start disliking him and wont ever want to talk to him again. i dunno, you gotta be really firm and serious. hopefully he will start getting the hint if you just stay firm.

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Hi Pal,

i dun think he was asking if he could call u. He was asking WOuld u pick up everytime he calls? That shld be the question here.


He is too assertive in getting u back. I dun think people should be that impulsive or aggressive to get people back. u need to tell him off, that he is doing the wrong thing right now and u need to think things over. Say also, u will ring him after u are done with the thinking.


If he keeps finding u, during that period, just shut him off. U dun need a PUSHOVER person for a bf. u are not a piece of doormat u noe. And if he is patient when u asks for a time to think things over, then weigh whether he is good to be back with.


I have a hunch, he isnt that patient enough.

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yes i totally understand what u all are saying...............i dont think he is like becoming stalkerish in my point of view but maybe all of urs is right. I mean do u really put that much effort into an ex??? no i dont htink so. and after the converstion sunday u would think he would kinda stay away, cause i stated i still had feelings for him, and that i DONT want to be friends. i mean come on if he wants to come back he needs to grow up and say it, right?? and quit the games.....am i right

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so i couldnt take it much longer..........i called him up.


heres the conversation:

me-"hey u busy i got to say something"

him-"what is it"

me-"You are driving me crazy"

he sighs again

him-"i dont understand how im doing that"

me- "you came into my work, did u have to do that?"

him-"i didnt know u were working"

me-"ok, well i just need you to tell me u want nothing to do to with me if u dont"

him- "i dont want anything to do with u"

me- "ok then leave me alone"

him- "ok"

me- bye


i just do not understand why he would say this.....i guess i got my answer. but all the signs were showing he wanted to work on this or at least talk about things..........you dont try that hard to be friends with an ex and it u want nothing to do with them u advoid them at all costs........i jsut dont understand it. I dont think i was wrong for calling him because i just couldnt take it anymore. I guess hes just not that into me. i just dont understand......................why did he do all that?? anyone have some thoughts for me

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Unfortuantly sometimes men act one way think one way and say something compleatly different. I'm sure us women do it sometimes too and no one can really understand someone elses actions. I can't really give you any other advice other than I know you still care about him and maybe love him? But you need to stay clear because unless you get N/C your not going to be able to move on. Especially when he is messing you about so much.

Good luck.


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