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Got this friend that I'm interested in.

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Alright heres the situation I have a friend that I'm interested in. I've been interested in her before but eventually got over it once I got to know her a little bit (we became joking buddies which is probably why I lost interest in her). Well anyways, I don't know what it is but I'm starting to feel a little bit interested in her again. I like to think of myself to occasionally be flirting with her and I assume that she sometimes flirts back with me. She always seems to look at me sometimes and I've teased her about it. Seems pretty good from there except for the fact that shes been going out with a guy that she got back together with last year (they went out a while back in the 8th grade). Well anyways, I don't really know what to do, I like her but it's not something that I desperately want to happen. Anyways if someone can give me some advice on this situation let me know.

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sounds as if you are just somewhat lonely for a girlfriend and since you get along with her so well in a friendly manner you are starting to question what it means....and t doesn't help that she has someone and you don't...


your questioning romantic feelings will fade again...she really is just a friend to you...


Might be time to start looking around and being social with other girls...

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Thanks for the advice and to add to this just wanna know how I could go about talking with this girl that I found I'm somewhat interested. The thing is that she comes off as having a complete opposite personality as me and I don't see how I can find some way to talk to her a lot more. We talk occasionally and joke around a little if we're around each other but thats about it. Any advice for what I can say or do there?

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