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does he like me?my friends think so..i want2 ask himout HELP


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hey..well ok... ahve been in this guys class since september and now its december..i went out with him in july for 2 weeks..but the whole time we were goin out he was away visiting family..and when he cam bak he dumped me for sum reason that i do not know, i think it is cuz we didnt talk at all..but okay this whole skewl year..all we do is flirt and talk with eachother..we are all over eachother all the time and everyone notices it..all my friends know that i liek him and so do his friends..but heres the thing..its so obvious that i liek him.and ppl tell me he lieks me and that we shud go out but i was talking to him on msn messenger one nite and i was sad and we starting talkin bout me and how i think im ugly..and he told me that he thinks im hot n stuff..and he told my best friend that he was going to kiss me the next time he saw me..but he never did..and then i asked him if it was true and he sed that he was goin to kiss me but thenhe just didnt was so sad..but my friends always tell me he likes me but i never believe them cuz he is so hot and so nice it would be impossible for him to liek me..so can sumone plz help me!!..he lieks a gurl from a different skewl and im on x-mas break but when skewl starts again..i want him to liek me and i want to ask him to go to the movies with me...how do i find out for sure if he lieks me and how should i ask him without feeling stupid if he says no??

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just ask him if he wants to go see a movie with you...if he says no then you know for sure he isn't interested...if he says yes, then you can see what happens from there...


you won't seem "stupid" to anyone if he says no...by asking him to go to the movies it isn't like you are telling him how you feel about him...it's just seeing if he wants to hang out.

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thank you all...well since i last rote..the situation hasnt changed much..i have been talking to one of his close friends about him and other issues i have..and the winter carnival dance is coming up soon and his friend asked me if i liek him..and of corse i told him that i do liek this guy..alot...and he was happy about it..he told me he wants us to go to carnival and he is going to talk to his friend (the guy i like) about it..hes just going to ask him lil things liek who he would dance with at carnival and he is gunna slip in there would he dance with me...he also sed that the guy i liek would definatly dance with me and maybe even go with me if I ASKED...ya see he told me that he really believes that this guy lieks me..he told me he acts different when he is around me..hes always poking me and ticklin me and flirting in alot of ways but yesterday i talked to his friend again..and this time it was a much different conversation...he asked who im lovin and i told him that i still like his friend...but i sed it is pointless cuz he knows i lik him and yet he still dosnt make a move..i know hes shy but still..and he just tod me i shud get over him and that theres more guys out there then just him..does this mean he talked to him and that he does not liek me at all? or is he just thinking that im spending to much time on one person?..im confused..i dont know wat to think because 4 days ago he wa ssaying that his friend lieks me..and now hes tellin me to move on?? can sumone plz help me!!

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