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Scared she'll leave me

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I don't know what to do. My girlfriend and I have been going out for 2 months, I love her, she's beautiful, yet I've never been able to have full sex with her. Every night it's the same, we're in bed and we're horny and we're playing with each other and when we're both good and aroused I go to put it in and suddenly I go all soft, its like the minute she takes her hand away I lose my erection. I'm only 27 (she's 25) and fit and this happens even if I've not had any alcohol that night. So we go back to the hand play and its great, my erection comes back, I come every time and so does she - I usually come first but then I carry on for her until she is 'happy!'


We have discussed it and she says it doesn't matter, that she comes every time with me and that I even gave her her first ever vaginal orgasm the other night, but I can't help thinking if I don't get my act together soon she's going to get impatient and leave me for some guy who can give her the real thing, full sex not just a hand job. I don;t want to lose her.

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If you can come on your own or with her, you are perfectly fine and this is very normal. If you can't ejaculate. you may want to see your GP just ot have things checked out.


You are probably nervous about pleasing her and stressing yourself out unnecessarily. Try not to think about "performing".


Just relax and let things happen....don't focus on your erection and worry about it because you will make it worse.


Have fun.

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