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I use to weigh 54 2 years ago, when i was a gym junkie... Early this year i weighed 67, but managed to lose 7 kgs. I've maintaned my weight of 60 til this month... Now, its increasing... I just weighed myself and I'm now 62! I'm feeling really ugly. I know looks aren't everything... That's what bothers me! WHy do i care so much about my weight? argh!!


Maybe its just cos i just finished high school and since then i been slacking off excercising cos i've been busy. I planned to start excericing like i use to (walk everyday for an hour and weight training), but because my sleeping pattern has been derailed by the mentality of 'no school tomorrow' I never get up early enough to excersice. I wake up at noon! I spose, the fact that its xmas and new year doesnt help.... *sigh*


Yes, at the moment i am overwight... not much, but overweight nonetheless... My BMI is 26.... I'm thinking of losing 10 kilos, to drop my BMI to 22... is that a good thing? I mean, i seriosuly don't want to end up anorexic...


ARGH, my mind is in constant battle: I dun need to lose weight, just control my eating and get back to the usual excersice and stick to 60 kgs... The other says lose weight, feel better, look better blah blah ... Damn celebrities. If i can only afford a gym membership...

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You dont have to have a gym membership to exercise. There are many ways to lose weight without going to the gym. Jogging everyday will be good. I think if u just save some time of ur day for a jog, and not having bad eating habits, u will lose weight. Just increase ur jogging distance slowly and you will be losing more calories. If jogging becomes a habit, its kinda enjoyable.


Dont think too much abt losing weight, just concentrate abt having a little dicipline and try to exercise everyday. When it becomes a habit, u wouldnt even notice that u r in great shape. Just dont have high expectations for instant results, it will only make u give up . Just make it an everyday routine and u will be great

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my only suggestion is to not worry about your weight that much.. we all gain and lose weight in time. You're the same person as before just a little bit bigger.. 8 kgs (30 lbs) more doesn't make someone ugly. *wish i could be 62 again* lol.


If your really serious about losing some weight DON'T do anything drastic like bulimia (eating food then forcefully throw it back up) insted just eat smaller portions and drink more water. I was at 131 kgs (290 lbs) down to 120 kgs (265 lbs). by doing just that.


Also.. don't starve yourself in an attempt to lose weight.. I tried that lost 2 lbs (0.9 kgs) didn't eat for 3 days but couldn't do it any longer and ended up gaining 6 lbs (2.7 kgs).

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