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I know you get this is alot but, does she like me?

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I know you probably get this question a lot but i'm a little confused right now. You see I have had a crush on a friend of mine for a while but since she was seeing someone i kinda just dropped it and moved on. But recently her mom invited my mom to lunch and I went along with my mom. To my surprise she went too. We all went in the same car and throughout the ride she was mostly very quiet and eventually she would joke around with me. Before going to the restaurant my mom wanted to go into a dollar store and while inside she kinda unwinded and started acting very playful (she occasionally tapped my shoulder or hit my softly; i think she was trying to find a way to touch me in a subtle way). Then while waiting outside for the restaurant to open she sat next to me on the bench and when we went inside to eat she sat next to me instead of her mom. While all of us were at the table she wouldn't talk to me much, but when my mom and her mom got up to go get seconds at the buffet she would all of a sudden get very talkative until they got back. Near the end of the meal, she folded a piece of paper that was on the table and made it into a heart. She gave it to me and all she said was "Look, a heart". On the ride back she mostly joked around with her mom and my mom since they had hit the subject of "guys in movies that look good". I didn't pay much attention because even likeswhen my sister someone she still talks about how hot a guy is no matter what.


I know she knows that I used to have a crush on her and just today i found out from a friend of mine that she had broken up with her boyfriend (he didn't know exactly when but he had brought up the subject as if to hint me to make a move) I guess you should also know that my friend and her are good friends (but i know for a fact that they aren't interested in each other for a relationship).


My mom noticed these things to and she thinks that my friend is interested in me. I know this is long and everything but i'm really curious. Does she like me? We have a lot of things in common and I love being with her. I'm not quite sure yet if I will make the move and become more than friends but right now I just want to know if she is interested in me.

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Something I forgot to mention also is afterward my mom invited them both to our house for a little so that they can see our house (we recently bought it and they hadn't seen it yet). My mom asked me to go to the laundry room to put some clothes to dry and my friend followed me outside. She said that she wanted to play the poodle we have but she wasn't really concentrating on my dog; she was paying more attention to me trying to be playful again. When my dog started licking her toes she said something like "No, no licking. Only good friends can lick my toes". I know that when a girl likes a guy they don't really think about what they say and she kinda blurted stuff out that didn't really make much sense in some of the conversations. She was acting a little wacky but I thought it was funny.


Oh and I forgot to mention that we are childhood friends and we haven't really hung out in a long time so it is a little weird for her to be so playful with me like that.


By the way, I didn't keep the paper heart. Sadly I left it on the table of the restaurant by mistake. Either way I think it was more of a hint than something she wanted me to keep.


Anyone else have an opinion on this. I have been thinking about this for quite some time and I find myself thinking about her more than I used to.

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