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everything and anything that could go wrong is

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My life is in complete chaos right now.


1- i recently found out one of my best friends has an eating disorder... and i have NO clue what to do now.


2- another one of my best friends was totally taken advantage of by this guy that's 3 years older than her


3- I have to write a 3 page paper (which ive barely started) thats due tomorrow AND study for finals


4- (here's the big one) I've liked this guy (lets just call him J) for about 10 months now on and off. I know him soooo well and feel really comfortable around him. the thing is... he has a girlfriend. I knew he liked me for the longest time... but he wouldn't break up with his girlfriend and i kinda lost interest. So about a month and a half ago i started to like him again and talked to him and found out he felt the same way. but he's about to graduate and go off to college so i told him i didnt want to be his girlfriend (there were 40 other reasons i didnt want to then either). I really did like this guy though... SO much. I often wonder if he was my first love. But why didnt he ever break up with her if he liked me so much like he said he did? he would always say he was in the process of breaking up, but to me... that is a ONE STEP process. please correct me if i am wrong.

anyway... i know me and J still have feeling for each other... but i really like this other guy too (call him B). I hooked up with him the other night... and have been talking to him on a regular basis since. he's really funny and is like the complete oppsite of J.

J still has a girlfriend... but tells me that it hurts to hear about B. I dont want to hurt him. he's one of my best friends and i do still care about him.

I know i made the mistake of not getting with J in the first place... But i don't want to make another mistake. WHAT SHOULD I DO?!? Go for B or J?!?!?

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