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alright, so theres this girl i liek rite? (i've posted stuff on that) well, i'm ready to make my move, i'm gunna give it my best shot, i'm petrified, this will be my first date bla bla.


anyway, i was wondering, hypotheitcally, if she says yes.... how do you go past the first date? i mean like "maybe we can do this again sometime" seems cliche, i was wondering if there was an invitation to a second date for shy people



ohh ya, i know her from sunday shcool, and we all just got confirmed (were all 15) and like when i was the liturgist i she said "good job" and on rare occastions i get the same in class....i dont know if this is good, we dont speak much were "aquantinces" i suppose we're not tight if you know what i mean. any advice on body launguage/ askin her out a first or second time would be usefull!


thanks to all for the advice, i hope i got the guts by next sunday



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Assuming she says yes, and assuming all goes well on the first date i'd just ask her what she would like to do next time and then when would be convienient....so something like: "I really enjoyed being with you so when do you think would be good to go out on another date? Where would you want to go?"


just my 2 cents

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Dude, I know exactly what you mean. I have no idea how to ask out the girl I like. Though I sugest what I am doing now. I am becoming close to her like a friend, but not to tight to make it seem like i'm her brother. All I gotta say is wait for the rite time. Me personally I'm waiting for Friday, I mean a 3 hour bus trip to an amusment park, there all day, and a 3 hour trip back(this is for a group we're both in for school) I hope it'll work. Same with you.

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