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Is it possible that she still likes me?

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hi during my sophmore year of highschool i become friends with this girl in my art class. We used to talk a lot and tease each other and all i thought was that she was just a good friend. We would talk online or through emails later on. She was really friendly to me and i just couldn't take a hint that she liked me. ;(


Soon i began to like her. So another of my girl friends was good friends with the girl i liked and she was trying to set us both up. I never really said i liked her because i was just really shy, but i wouldn't deny that i didn't like her.


I guess my friend caught on and tried to play both sides by sort of being the matchmaker. She would talk with the girl i liked and she would also talk to me. She would ask me like "so... what do you think of X" and stuff like that to find out what i felt about her. I would always pretend that i didn't know anything. Around the time of her birthday i asked her out to a movie and we went and had a good time and stuff. I just thought we were good friends and i never took a hint. i remember one time she was like "if i was to go out with a guy, he would have to ask me", and i just thought nothing of it.


Eventually summer came and we kept in touch by email and thats when we grew apart. My other friend finally told me that this girl liked me soo much and would talk about me all the time, and by that time it was too late. i realized that we liked each other and tried to tell this girl i liked her through an email, cause i was too chicken to ask her out in person.

she said i dunno if things would work out because we haven't talked in so long...


that junior year i found out that she still really liked me and we would talk maybe once in a while. we didn't really have any classes together so i guess we grew further apart. then she broke of all contact with me for no apparent reason. I found out recently that my matchmaking girlfriend and her stopped being friends for some reason. and then i found out it was because this girl i liked thought i liked the matchmaking girl. me and the matchmaking girl hang out quite often, and i guess she got mad at me for that.


i know she really hates her former friend now and i guess thats hurting me too. once she even asked me if i liked her and i was like "no i like you" and i didn't really get a response. i guess she didn't believe me

now its my senior year and i have art with her again, but we don't talk at all. her friends still say hi and talk to me so i guess she isnt mad at me or anything. but its like we totally avoid each other, not even a simple hi. i avoid eye contact and being around her for some reason. i'm really uncomfortable around her because i don't know if she hates me because she thinks i like my girl friend which i don't. my girl friend still hangs out with me a lot so i dont' know if thats the reason too.


i would like to know if i can somehow get her back, to the way we were even as friends. its really hard to talk to her prid not talking to each other i vately and after avoiding each other anjust don't know what to do.


is it possible that she could still like me... i like her a lot and i'm kicking myself because i knew i should of done something...

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Ya Ide kick you to. lolz. Well some time in art class, bring up the subjext of the past. Be like "remember back in grade 9...(or w/e). And through talking about that you can work your way to the point that you liked her and not that other girl. You know you'll start talken about how things used to be and why she stopped contact with you. And in the middle of it, just come out of your shell, be like ya, I always liked you (or w/e, be creative) But talk freely and openly about it. You gotta let her know that you really did like her, and that you still do. Or you wanna hang out some time. Somthing, Anything! Becuase you shoudl have done somthing back then and now you have a chance again. good luck.

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There's still a possibility, and if you have a chance to set things right, I'd take that chance! The next time you see her, talk to her, see how she is. Then slowly maybe bring up the past, or tell her that you still like her. If she does still still like you, I am sure you'll find a way to work things out. If you need anymore help, just PM me. Good luck!

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i know i want to talk to her so badly but... i don't want to make a fool of myself. i don't know if she'd be wondering like "i'm a stranger/weirdo" if i just come randomly out of the blue and start talking to her after maybe 2 months of not speaking to her.


i know she really really hates my friend and all 3 of us are in together in the same class, i think everytime she sees us talking together she probably gets p.o.'d. Do girls get jealous of other girls talking to a guy they liked/likes?


i get really frustrated with myself that i'm such a chicken and things seem easier said then done...

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ARG! Ok, here it goes:


STOP thinking about whether or not she hates you. It really doesn't matter. You didn't do anything wrong except for not be confident enough to make the first move that she wanted you to!


BREAK the ice. There is a lot of tension in there air because both of you are wondering what happened between you two.


REMEMBER how she said that if she were to go out with a guy, he would have to ask her? Ok, thats the type of girl she is...not just in being asked out, but in becoming friends again too. She wants you to make the first move. She'll be happy to talk to you if you actually open your mouth and say something!! She WILL NOT be the one to do it. Leave the other girl out of it for now. That will come along later.


I would just go up to her at the very beginning of class and be like, "Long time no see" (SMILE). Then if she is shy and says "yeah" and that its, then just tell her what you want to say. Don't lay it all on her really thick, but just say " You know, I don't know why we stopped talking but I liked it a lot better when we still were." After you say that BE SILENT. Wait for her to speak. She should open up then. If not (very unlikely), then invite her to a movie or to your house or SOMETHING/ANYTHING (even if you just say that you'll give her a call later on that night. If you do that, be sure to call her!!) so that you can hang out again.


That should get things moving again.


I expect a full report in the morning on how it goes! heh heh!


I'm telling you this because I didn't know all of this when I was in school. Hindsight is 20/20! I figured it out later on but you know, if I knew then what I know now...I would have been dangerous! Confidence is key...she wants a confident guy to go up to her and rekindle things.

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