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O.k I asked out this girl I liked HELP!!!!!


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Well I asked out the girl I like tonight. The way it went down was we were out for lunch sitting and talking. I started a conversation about christmas lights and she was like yeah I havnt gone to see any in a while. I said well I would be happy to take you sometime this week if you want to go. So later that night we were talking about movies and she was like we should go see one on Wednsday after we look at lights. Now that all sounds good an everything.


But...when we were on break before I asked her out we were talking about another guy that she liked. I didnt let this effect me asking her out I'm just worried of what to make of it.


What should I do on this date to let her know I'm really interested or is there a good chance that she already knows?

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HAHAHA! Oh yeah I remember this one.


Man it's been awhile. The old talk about another man thing. She's definitely interested, she's trying to gauge how interested you are.


Hang in there. What you should definitely do is take things slow and expect nothing. She will flip-flop a bit, and not really be sure whether to go steady with you or wait to see what the other guy will do.


Mainly this won't be a fun time for you, but keep your composure. If you do she WILL choose you. Just never let on that it bugs you if it does. Seriously though it shouldn't. Girls have crushes on tons of guys and nothing ever comes of most of them. Remember that and you'll be fine


I hope this helps.

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So I just got torn apart for how i asked her out on link removed they are saying she probally sees me as a friend only. DId I do something wrong or was it alright? I leave for work in about 2 hours and I would really like some advice on how to approach this. Tonight is when we finalize the date and time any way I can make sure she knows that I like her?

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