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My friend got way out of hand. (would like some advice)

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I recently bought a brand new truck the truck I have been want my hole life and now I finally got it. Well also my friend my best friend so I thought he was. Wanted the truck I have now. Well you see one night we was sitting in my truck and his gf started writing stuff on my windows. Which I did not appericate that much. Cause my last vehical I really didnt care to much out it. Well I told her to stop and my friend gets all mad which made me mad. Cause he can get really freaked out if you say something the slightest wrong way. Well I got mad do to the fact that he would let his gf do something to my vehical that I worked so hard for. Yes I know it's kinda inmature and every thing but what she was doing on my windows was inmature also. She and her bf should have more respect for my stuff cause I wouldnt do that to their stuff either.


Now ever since then hes change his attiude to me. Well after that we didnt talk as much cause you see me and my gf work together and so do they. Well my the girl that he wanted me to get back together with and convinced me so I decieded to give her a nother chance which I am glad I did but. Now that she is my gf and I am happy with her he has started to treat her with alot of disrespect and it made me mad cause he was nicer to her when we wasnt together now he treats her like dirt. I have always treated his gf nice and have respected her like I would want her to treat me. Now the other day at work he comes up to me and asked if we are still friends. And I said if you stop disrespecting my gf then we can be but then some things was said and he pushes me and sprays water in my face. I just stopped what I was doing and walked away. and we have only talked like twice since then. Also my gf and him got into that night. And now she can not stand him and im am really getting that way and just thinking of droping the friend ship altogther.

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Your friend needs to GROW-UP. This is really a stupid thing to ruin the friendship over. However your friend seems hellbent in messing things up.


You have to (for the sake of your friendship) try to reason with him. If you can't get through to him you'll have to call off the friendship.


BE AWARE that when you cut off the friendship this treatment will not stop and may in fact get WORSE. This is a situation that requires the most delicate kind of attention. Don't give ultimatums all you're lookng for is a cease-fire.


I hope this helps.

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I tryed to do that friday but things just seems liked they didnt want it to happen. And my gf just doesnt want to forgive them which I can understand that and im not going to make her but after he pushed me and every thing I didnt no him any more after that. Also his mom is dieing but thats no excuse.

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Well then you want to call things off.


Like I said you have to treat this carefully or things will get worse. I thought the issue was you worked with your friend, if that's not the case cut things off. When he cools down then you can look at letting him back into your life... until then I suggest avoid them all together.


Good Luck.

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