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This is gonna be so difficult....

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K so im tryna deal with the fact he no longer feels anything for me anymore ,he doesnt have to tell me because actions speak louder then words and his actions are definitely speaking LOUD.

He still txts me askin how i am doing etc ..but im gon try put my foot down and be unresponsive just go into no contact mayb without sayin anything.

I just dont think i can do the friends thing..


Problem is hes a music artist his music video will be out soon ,he will be havin a ball..THIS WILL BE A KILLER...


Having to hear him on the radio,see him on tv hear people commenting on how great he is...

Knoing more that i was there from day one when he was just barely striving to get a deal,had his back, was his emotional pillow..

Now im just gonna be a very distant memory,when he always told i would be apart of it all and wanted me around no matter what.


Can this be made anymore bearable im really not looking forward to the newyear..His 'getting on without me' will just be thrown in my face..


Sorry to rant

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Hi Pal,

If u really hate him so much, do it! SAY THIS IS VERY IRRITATING and all that.. i believe u will feel much much better after that.

I dun think u are much worse than him. u are not depressed. u sounds so angry to be depress. What worse is depression.

Now u got to convince urself everything is fine and it will work out fine! He may be a superstar but u shld know U ARE THE ONE, COZ U SUPPORTED HIM TO BE ONE. If without u, there will be No him! I believe in courage and determination for this issue.

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Hi there


after reading ur post, i went and looked at some of ur other posts..oh boy this guy is mean...i think u have been a little forgivin in the past...just bcoz he feels down and his carrier is in jeopardy doesnt mean he can ignore u like that...


also, i shud mention that u ve been a lil more than tolerant with him...dont think about him...move on with ur life...meet people, make friends and dont look for a relationship yet...have some fun time being single at the moment..u ve been hurt by that guy...it will take some time to heal b4 u will be ready again


some1 I kno is also in a similar situation...she is so hurt bcoz of a relationship..they were together for 5 yrs...were plannin to get married...and lo...he broke up with her...she never saw it coming...her ex is kinda famous and news abt him appears in the papers..to make things worse, he just got a baby and pix of him, his gf and their baby keeps comin too...she is very upset by all that...but u see, life shud go on...


this guy cut u off without even talkin abt it...now thats bein coward...and selfish..he dint respond to ur fone calls and ignored them too...u shud NEVER call some1 if they repeatedly ignore calls for 2 or 3 times... relationships are good and balanced, if both people are equally involved..dont sulk thinkin abt him..he is NOT worth it...oh yea, people like him usually come back...they r just using their partners...if they want u they come back begging...if not, they just treat u like junk...STAY AWAY from this emotionally challenging relationship...believe me, u r better off without havin to deal with him


good luck...

i m sure u will meet the right guy


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wow that sucks. im sorry its hard enough to break up, then decide you cant be friends (which is a hard decision) then you have to hear him everywhere my ex broke up with me 2 weeks ago for another girl. in february we start school and have a class together. i dont know what the hell im gonna do, i dont know if i can be friends cause it hurts. you sound so sweet and caring to have helped him along his way. best thing you can do is get really busy doing your own things. it will help you get over it much faster. and when you see or hear him somewhere just turn it off or leave. until u r ready. you say he will be having an amazing time: he will and he wont. there are ups and downs in the business. i say you go out and have an amazing time of your own also, that way if u 2 talk again he wont be the only one with stories to tell and he will see you have having a great time without him.

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Thank you all for ur replies...


He txt me recently and asked to get together as he wanted me too preview his new video

I went,..i went tbecause i wanted to see how i would feel around him also to view the vid.


He came an picked me up ,went back to his..he seemed to be nit pickin at me,,for instance,id be sittin there comfortable chilled out an he would say 'Why dont u relax u seem so uncomfortable ' little things really..Seemed a bit cold towards me too..i kinda didnt see too much into it at the time.

He seemed to be guzzling a lot of wine from the bottle too,looking back now he seemed very on edge.

Later he kinda put his arms around me kissed my forehead,yeh i was fallin 4 it ..we chilled lie that for a while ...

Then it was a case of takin it further...began doing stuff.


He kinda pulled away from me then came back ...i was like 'what r u doing...' he then came out with...'MY BABYS MUM'...


Hes been dabbling with her again..

I was like 'If ur so inlove with her what are u doing here with me ,' he statred to say how he feels alot 4 me and was confused he didnt kno wat to do..

I said why take it so far to havin sex with me ..why did u do this ,why not tell me b4..

Kept sayin how he wanted me too feel good ,how he felt for me etc,he was clinging on to my body really tight too..

Tears just rolled down my face,he was beggin me not to cry,wiped my tears an kissed my face..Im kinda knumb at his point.


I said to him this is how it seems to me..'I have alwayz been ur rebound,after your babies mum cheated 3 times on you with 3 diffrent men..u have not grieved her.u jumped straigh to me..yet ur still inlove with her..she is not being punished for what she did to u ..I AM.

(I kinda brang up bits of his past)


I then went on t say'The only reason u continued to be intimate with me is because u were still being intimate with her...as in it made what she did to him more 'acceptable' for him if he was to have a girl on the side,it would make him feel that he was gettin one up on her..it made her cheating more bearable.


This musta struck a nerve coz he wanted me to go home...He said he was angry and needed to be by himself,he wasnt sure why he wa angry but said it must have been when i brough up his past an wat she did to him.


He is still inlove with her,he doesnt want to be he cant help it(he says)


Alot of other things were said about how much he misses me when we dont talk or see eachother..but thats neither here or there.


On the way home i said i asked simple questions all i got was' righ now i cant answer you,im not sure if its coz im tired ,or coz im jus angry my head is a mess ,everythin is messed up i jus need to think ,be by myself and think..


I said well let me decide whats goin to happen..i told him 'I was gon ,i wont be intouch again,he said 'look, im going to call you and talk to you properly about this ,right now i cant coz my head is messed up...'


He apologised for 'everything'.

He hugged me /kissed me ..i whisperd in his ear ,i never wanna see you again...and i got out the car an walked...


Cryed so hard when i got in,the pain is incredible..

I felt foolish,i hate myself for loving and wanting such a cruel selfish person ...


I keep askin myself ,why get me in his company to tell me he is doing thing with his babymother,why not jus tell me on he phone ?

Is he really confused,is he really torn between us,..i think if he was confused he would not have said anythingto me about her ,he woulda just carried it on ,having me and her..there fore he really does want me out his life...


I will not get intouch with him anymore....

Im so gutted coz jus the other day i was really gonna give 'being just friends' a shot..

Ive proved to myself i cant to that.


Thanks for reading x

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the groovy thing about radios and TV's, where they play Video's and Songs is that you can turn the channel. OR you could just sit there and boo him, throw popcorn at the tv or something.


Should someone begin talking to you about how "great" he is, just say "well you don't know him as a human." and change the subject. Just...turn him off whenever you see him.

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  • 4 weeks later...

It was a while ago now but it is irritating me and i just need to vent about it...


On xmas eve at 9AM he txt my phone asking if i had deleted his number..'


My response..(yeh i know i should have ingnored it,but i didnt )..No , why would u prefer it if i did?'

His response..'No i was just wandering.So cant we atleast keep thesex between us'..

My response..'Look if u wanna talk u kno wat to do'


That was the last i heard from him until newyears day when he txt me an 'indirect txt'..


I have not responded and now we have been in no contact 4 two weeks .


I still care 4 him,i dont want to hes really hurt me ...

Why did he send what he sent...To hurt me even more, to rub salt into my wounds?


I have no intention of gettin intouch at all ive got my head screwed on enuff not to i think..


Im feeling pretty worthless tho at the mo ,feel very used that all we were about was jus sex

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