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Quick Question: Attracted or what


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This girl and I were standing outside. I have seen her around many times before but this was the first time we had actually talked. She started the conversation and introduced herself and thus I did so as well. Her first remark was something along the lines of saying how i was currently in one of her classes, and then that I was in one of her classes last year and that we had "something in common", which I thought was kind of strange. But then again I am pretty sure she doesn't have any guy friends, and she seems pretty shy.


So basically, I was wondering if she was just talking because the silence was weird (we were the only ones outside), she wanted to be friends, or if she wanted to be more than friends, or anything else.



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it could be any of the above options, including d) she was bored, and is an extrovertive person, so she wanted to talk to someone while waiting for the bus. I do it all the time. Really means nothing. I've struck up conversations with 45 yr old fat guys waiting for the bus. Not to get your hopes up or anything, but running by the assumption that we're all human beings, we are naturally sociable creatures, thus we will talk when we feel like it.


Don't jump to conclusions & don't be insecure. Don't ask questions about every little thing that happens when you meet a girl either. Perhaps I'm just getting a bit annoyed at this forum & it has nothing to do with you, but sooooooo many people here ask commonsense questions, in the hopes that they will automatically be told "YES - SHE LIKES YOU" Why not strike up a convo. yourself, and get to know her? If you don't know, then chances are we won't know what she meant by it either. Maybe people are just friendly. Maybe she wants to f*** you.


It's just as probable.


Good luck.

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Ok, so I have been observing, as i am a very analytical person, and this is what I have observed.


So, I have heard her friends say about 3 times "cmon, ask 'im out" and then she chickens out from whoever it is. I was not sure this is me the first time, but after hearing it about 3 times, it came to mind. Also, I constantly see her friends eyeballin me (like, every time i see them), or at least in my general direction, so that could be another sign.


Also, recently, she showed some facial expressions and body movements that looked VERY similar to mine, which really caught my eye, but that could have just been luck.


My inclination is to just try and start a bit of small talk sometime. Ask about some assignments or something, see what happens from there.


So, opinions? comments?


Thanks for the help everyone, really helps much. Appreciate it

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