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Neutral ground


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Ha, actually my poem is titled Rhythm of the Damned. However, this is my first time writing here at all and since it's late and I'm working over a brief lapse of sanity, a simple poem seemed the safest route.


Suspended animation

demented nation

dream obliteration

hope cremation

Feel the iron drills gouge your skin

as your life oozes out of your broken

body laying on the floor,

a remnant of the past

of the last

caged inside a cast

then the blast-

free at last!!!!-

Suspended animation

Pain Sensation

Death Orientation

Final Location

See the struggles ending

all dreams start bending



shattered pieces all around

now you can't step on the ground

to see the mound

of tired struggles with no sound




Suspended Animation

dream starvation

failed operation

eternal damnation


Broken Creation.


Shaking inside....sorry, my room's really cold right now and reading this poem obviously isn't helping. Still my adopted policy is to keep whatever I write. No backspacing, no deleting. (supposed to help with my chronic writer's block/social block)

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