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Told him I like him so now what?

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Well okay, there was this boy that I liked... I guess I only knew him for about 3 weeks to a month and today I told him i liked him... He smiled and told me he was glad that i told him but that he had to figure stuff out because tons of girls told him that they liked him. At this point, I wont be hurt by his actions because Im used to being hurt by guys, I mean all the other girls that told him they liked him have known him much much longer than me! So I am in a strange position. But all stuff aside I am glad I let it out! Now what do I do? Do I wait or move on? Any advice?

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Hello there,

What you do now is get really busy doing your own thing and try not to think about this too much. You already told him how you feel, if he wants to ask you out he knows he won't be rejected, but there isn't really anything you can do. Resist calling him or asking him how he feels about you or asking him out.


Just get real busy and get out with your friends. Have a good time and he will either come around or you will meet a new guy.


Good luck.

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