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Letting a girl know you like her... how?


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Im kinda stuck at the moment there's a girl on my course at college who's a few years younger (she's 17 and im 20) and i find her attractive. I have spoken to this girl a few times, but it's not me that's initiated the conversations and she has asked me where things are etc also and im sure she's taking an interest but it's rather hard for me to tell.


Her friend seems to be friendly with me also, i would like to give her some signals but im not sure what sort of ones or how to give them, if she's interest or not i don't know. Funny thing is that she talks to her friend in English but with me she talks Welsh. You'd think i'd know what to do by now with girls but i've had my fare share of problems and not-so-good situations and i can be a negative person towards myself so im not the confident type ethier.


Does anyone have any tips or suggestions on things that i can do to show her i like her, also im so pathetic i don't even know her name .


Any advice, etc would be apprecaited


- whitefang

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When I have forgotten a girls name, I would always ask her how she spells her name.


School is a great place to meet women, why not ask her to study with you? That would be an ideal situation to talk with her and find out if she is someone you would like to go out with.


Dont let your past bring you down, you are only 20, and the baggage is going to keep piling up my friend. You just have to learn to wear the baggage you are carrying, so to speak, and use it to your advantage, and the advantage is experience.

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Thanks for the advice, the only problem is that im in my 2nd year and she's in her 1st so we don't have classes with each other, only see her when she's about campus e.g. lunch, between lectures etc should have said this before.


She seemed a little intrested... i think or i am completely rubbish at picking up signals from girls or whether she was just being nice. I really like her but i don't know what to do or what too say???

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I'd rather find out if she likes me first rather than do something like that (yet), but im kinda confused of a way around finding if she does. Something other than asking her friend, kinda seems high school sorta thing but if it's what i gotta do it's what i gotta do. I mean i don't know that she's seen anyone, but im pretty sure she's not, i don't know her name other than the fact that she's spoken to me a few times and we seem to get along and the same goes for her friend, it's kind of annoying me.


I know that im going to have to do something, but im not sure whether i should leave it till the new year, i only have 1 week left in college before we break up for christmas. But there is a college party one during the day and one during the night, it could be a good chance to find some information and talk to her more, but what do i say... or am i going to wait till she comes over and start talking to me. Im the type of guy that's not going to make the first move which annoys me, as much as i want too im just not confident in myself to do that sorta thing.


I do get annoyed with myself, because i do want to so much more confident, have more self-esteem and feel better about myself but im just me .

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Well dude, you will never get what you want by sitting there and waiting for it to come to you. Shes 17, and she is probably pretty shy herself.


You need to ask yourself, how could she like you if she doesn't really know you?


Why not ask her AND her friend to join you for lunch? That will take the pressure off of you asking just her, and she will feel more comfortable because her friend is there. You will feel less pressure because its not a date situation.


I am just throwing ideas out at you man, you need to start somewhere, and it might as well be now. Asking her friends is immature and the easy way, not to mention makes you look insecure by asking her friends instead of her.


What you can mention to her friend is that you think she is cute. That might help, if you can catch the friend alone that is.

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Thanks for the advice, much appreciated. I know that im not going to get anywhere by just moaning about and if anyone's gonna make a move it's going to have to be me.


Well it's the the weekend now so i'll just have to see how it goes at the beginning of next week and work something out, see if she's doing anything after christmas etc, if she might wana meet up... i'll figure something out anyway.


Thanks again,


- whitefang

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Does anyone have any tips or suggestions on things that i can do to show her i like her, also im so pathetic i don't even know her name .


When I read the title of your thread, I was right about to tell you that you should never let a girl know you like her verbally - but you should show her. And in the lines above, you're indeed asking how you can SHOW her you like her, which is exactly what you should do. Show her through touch, flirting, teasing her, and just being laid-back and fun. Don't get too serious with her and tie her down with emotions. If anything, let the girl get emotional on you. That's when you know you're in.

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Ah...well to show a girl you like her...stare and smile when she catches you...without the smile it's just freaky. Aside from that, when you're in conversation with her show her that you're actually listening...keep eye contact for a little longer than comfortable...but always turn away for a tick. Laugh...and if you can make her laugh. If she's comfortable in her conversations with you then that's a good sign that you are compatible.


If you go to the christmas party...make sure you make eyecontact with her and smile. If she's outgoing and sees this she'll more than likely go up to you. Well hopefully anyhow. If you remember things she's said and bring them up in conversation too it shows that you've paid an interest in her.


I didn't know one of my crushes names for about 3months...but we'd have 20minute convos and flirt sooooo much with each other...then I just listened to what people were calling him (usually in the form of 'stop flirting with her Martin') and then double checked with a friend of his. Maybe you could do that too??


Good luck!

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