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Age Isn't Anything But A Number?


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I just wanted to know different perspectives and opinions about this. A few of my friends, and a lot more other teenage girls my age (I'm 16) that I know of are dating guys four to five years older than they are. Now, I know they keep saying age isn't anything but a number...but I can't help wonder what other peoples opinions of this.

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Well in that situation I know that most of those guys just like getting with younger girls, just becasue they can pretty much get away with anything. As far as for the girl side, most of these girls date older guys because of the maturity they feel these guys come with compared to guys in the same age bracket. Age is just a number if it's really love, but when it's just dating then age is just a way to find maturity/immaturity in a partner.

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Age isn't anything but a number, true. But age and maturity CAN go hand in hand. And maturity is what makes or breaks a relationship. Some 16-year-olds are mature enough, and some people in their 20's act like teens, so... Still, USUALLY those types of relationships struggle. Age gaps become less of a problem as people get older because the maturity levels balance out.

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I agree with everyone that age is only a number, but that's at a certain point.


At your age you are very emotionally vunerable. No offense to your gender but if I wanted to convince a teenage girl I was madly in love with her, and she was the most amazing person in the world... it's like taking candy from a baby.


Think about it this way. Sure your friends are dating guys 5 years older then them but those guys are dating minors!! How desperate and perverted does a guy have to be to cruise the local high school for chicks? They think they are mature for dating these men, but they are far more immature and the men are the most immature at all!


These guys are probably losers that are abusing your friends innocence. Older guys are trouble, pure and simple, until you're 19 then it's cool.


Seriously these men are sexual predators.

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With teenagers and people in there 20's age differences can be a problem. Sometimes it has to do with maturity but I think it has more to do with just being at different stages in your life. Someone who is 16 is still in high school, getting a drivers license, still pretty much dependent on there parents. Someone who is 20 is in college and thinking about a career or is out working and is generally own there own at least beginning to support themselves. These are very different worlds and most of the time couples run into problems relating to what each other is going through. People tend to go for someone they can relate to, which is why relationships between people who are close in age work tend to work out best. But as you grow older and aren't going through as many changes age does become just a number.

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