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I am sorry for all of you who are currently experiencing the harsh pain of a recent breakup. I was her about a year ago in very deep despair. I wouldn't leave my house for months, I cried for moths, I didn't eat for months, I sat on the bathroom floor in the dark praying to die. I have been where you have been and let me assure you IT WILL GET BETTER. I know you are hurting and you can't possibly believe that you will ever be able to get through another day yet another breath, but you will. You have to take care of yourself now, please don't let it go to long like I did. I lost my job, my friends and now have to build my life from the beginning. Take care of you. Start taking baths, reading books, pampering yourself, lighting candles and incense and meditate. You are your own best friend and only you can help yourself. You will feel the pain, but only by really experiencing and overcoming the pain will you truly get better. My thoughts are with all of you. If you need any strangth and encouragement please don't hesitate to contact me in your deepest minute of despair. I havee been there.

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I know you feel as though you are never going to feel better, or never get over this. All I can tell you in retrospct and you can choose to believe it know or realize it later like I did. No contact is the best way. As much as you are so either obsessed or used to the person - you will never get better until you you accept it, let go and heal as painful as that sounds. I hung on for so long and extended my pain for so long and humiliated myself and lost so much self-respect. Stay stronge. Chat with people, brush your teeth as hard as it seems. I know the little things seem so big right now but ti will get easier.

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themanwhorocks - don't worry. You are so young so you have plenty of time to find someone else. In fact, you will probably go through a breakup again someday. Trust me, you will be fine. Just be patient. Trust in God, and pray to him. He will help you. I promise you - you will look back at this someday and realize that it was as bad as you thought. Take care.

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well, i too was in this situation. i was with the guy for 9 years, he was my first love- he decided for whatever reason (never did get a proper answer for that one) that he needed to see other people. i was devastated. cried for months, didn't sleep, didn't eat. he was my best friend too. well, that was in july. around november, i went away for work and met someone who sparked. i wasn't looking, and i definitely didn't think it would happen. it's actually someone i've met before, so that's sort of the weird thing. anyhow, we're taking it very slowly and i've told him i'm bruised, but he seems to be ok with it and is letting me get comfortable at my own pace... funny because he's shown me the things that i was missing before that i didn't realize were missing.


so long story short, yes it does get better, no, unfortunatley there is no set time line, and don't let anyone tell you there is. i was sure it would take me years to get over it, but it's really his loss not mine. i hope he truly finds whatever it is he's looking for, or thinks he's looking for. i know now that i will never look back. i'd actually like to thank him....

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