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How do I tell my mom I love him

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Ok I know everyone is going to say im to young to be in love and thats fine but lets pretend im not 15. I have been with my boyfriend for almost a year and even though its not a long time I know that I love him and he says he loves me too. Well my mother is a little shy about my sister and I dating (funny thing my sister is 31 and divorced and she still doesnt like it) well the point is I dont like hiding my feelings for my boyfrined from my mom and he feels the same way about me and his family so i was wondering what a good way to tell them would be....

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the truth is, more often than not parents just wont like whoever there kids bring home, weather there boy or girl, and no matter how good the other person is. Sometimes it is just the way it is, that doesnt mean that you cant still see him. Hopefully both of your parents will accept who you bring home though.

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oh no its nothing like that we have been together for over 10 months and my parents get along with him so well that my dad and him go out to breakfast once or twice a month by them selves so i know they like him but i just dont know how to tell them that i love him. On the other hand his dad loves me but his mom hates me with a bitter passion, no i think fire of a thousand suns explains it better so i guess itll be a little different for him telling his mom and dad and how i tell my parents. so im just asking how to tell them cause i want to but im scared out of my mind...help

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I agree that some parents have problems beleiving that anyone is good enough for their children. In fact, my parents are exactly like that. One day, my dad and I were talking about my boyfriend and he said exactly that. He said that even if someone was the smartest, most caring, funniest, honest person in the world, he still would not be good enough for me. However, most parents do accept their childrens choice. It's usually a matter of whether their children are happy or not.


My boyfriend always tells his mother his feelings about me. Well, I was having a conversation with her one day and she said, "You know, he really cares about you. He even thinks he loves you, although he really can't right now. But I do know he cares about you." She basically told me that he believes he's in love, but in reality, he just isn't. I don't believe that at all, and I know it is just that she can't accept the fact that her "little boy" is growing up.


This could be the case with your mother, but who knows. So, how should you tell her? Well, how would you tell her anything? Just tell her you care for him very much and you have fallen in love.

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