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How sloooww is too slow???(mainly for the guys)

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Ok i have a question for the guys....


What is the slowest it has ever taken you to commit to a girl you are interested in??


and why exactly did you take sooooo long??


and is there anything a girl can do or say that would help him speed things up with out being anoying???


and lastly, if a guy was hurt VERY badly that caused him to take forever to trust anyone again without being hurt by them first....would it help at all to reasurre him and say..." i wouldn't hurt you ever."...or would only actions over time prove that i wouldn't hurt him.....becuase the other girl may have said this...then in the end hurt him



thanks a bunch



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Remember actions speak louder than words. You have to show him that you wont hurt him. Mostly by not hurting him lol. But some guys just like to take it slow. I usualy try to judge how fast I go by how fast the woman wants to. Just flirt with him a little, and see how he takes it. Just dont get offended if he doesn't exactly take kindly to your advancements. That is my advice.

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yea flirting is a good plan. if you can, maybe work in something like "i know you're feeling bad about _____" or something like that to let him know that you understand... basically be sympathetic but don't treat him like a child, and don't make him think only about that... you want him to think about this nice new girl who's so cool too.

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just try to treat him good, ask him about himself, hold your own in conversation, don't make him do all the work.


I would advise against saying "i'll never hurt you" to him, its kinda like when someone tries to say "trust me" you are always taken back. If he was hurt in the past and wants to talk to you about it, he will when he feels comfortable. Some people don't like talking about ex's, they'd rather be working on mr/miss right in front of them, than complaining about yesterday.


its cool that you care, best of luck

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Ok well guys dont like being told that yrou not gonna hurt them especially if they have already been hurt. What he needs is time and comfort. Instead of telling him im not gonna hurt you try cuddling with him alot. Guys like that stuff( well i do) anyways and dont try to prove that your not gonna hurt him cuz we catch on to those thinsg. Just be yoruself comfort him, give him kisses you know make him know yoru intrested in him. If you concentrate too much on the hurting then youll loose out on other aspects of the relationship.

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