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NEED HELP this is a bit long

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I have previously posted in friends and friendships. Below are the previous posts that I have made that will give you more insight into the situation.


Hello all,


I have a male friend who I suspect has more feelings for me than friendship, only he is married. In August we met, and after that he said that we could never meet again. The second last time he was online we had a serious conversation and he said if he met me again that he might not stop. And I was a little disappointed. I don't know, maybe I started to like him more than I should. I left him a message that I was a little hurt. The next time that he came online he acted like he was his wife. I am pretty sure that it was NOT her, because the typing short cuts were the ones he always uses. I have no idea why he would act as if he was her. Saturday he was online but I stayed invisible and did not talk to him. I am confused!!


I have posted before in the Friends and Friendship about a male friend of mine. He is married and we met once only as friends. I had the idea that he liked me as more than a friend. Then after we met he acted like he was his wife online. And now twice in the past week he has come online and chatted for a few minutes. Each time I did not message him, he messaged me. Today we waited for about 10 minutes to message me and I did not message him. When he did he asked me what I was up to. And when he had to go he said bye, but I did not respond right away. He said ..." you're not going to say goodbye?" And I said " bye for now" He has me confused because acting as his wife online told me to go away and now he is talking to me online AGAIN. HELP! What is his intention? Why can't he let me go??



Now this is a person that I have built a relationship with for the past 4 years. I do not want to give him up as a friend, but what do I do with his behavoir? Last Monday he was online as well and he started to chat to me and then we said goodnight and then he waited and waited for me to leave. Then he logged off and returned a minute later and he says " I thought you were going to bed." and I said " I will soon" and he says " oh so just me you were done with were you?" I mean his behavoir is sooooooo odd for a friend. It is not a friendship that I want to lose but he is married and there is no future is anything other than friendship. So what do I do???



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the best possible thing to do is if he does not have enough control over himself then you may want to stop aim-ing him, It sounds like he is acting a little weird to me too, which he should not be doing since he is married.

The best thing would be to end the relationship before you get more hurt and he has second thoughts about his, that would not be good.

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