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if shes on the pill....


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The pill is like 99% effective if you take all your pills on time, it is the best form of birth control. However, she is wrong about the way the pill works. It does not kill your sperm, it prevents her from ovulating. The pill is not 100% effective and I have known people to get pregnant while on the pill. I would recommend using a condomn in conjuction with the pill to be the safest. Plus, the pill does not prevent STDs either. You should really use a condomn! Good luck!

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agreed...the pill is effective against pregnancy and if you're both disease-free then i guess it's ok not to use condoms but if you want to be extra-safe (and i personally think this is best) use condoms in addition to the pill. I'm surprised that your gf told you the pill kills sperm. If you guys are going to have sex, you both need to be more informed than that. You need to understand all the forms of contraception you're using, how they work and what to do if they fail...otherwise keep your clothes on!

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The only contraceptive I know of that kills sperm is spermicide, but I don't think it kills everything. Yes, her chances of getting pregnant are slimmer, but my cousin was concieved when my aunt was on the pill, and she was taking it properly. thereforeeee, I recommend you use a backup form of birth control as well, but it is your choice what you do.


I agree you should do a little more research on how the pill works. Some pills make the egg "impenatrable," some prevent ovulation, some prevent a fertilized egg from attatching onto the uterine wall, and some do all three of these things. It's important to know what it does do so that you know what to do if there is a problem.

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