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Time apart decreases chances of getting him back?

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In anyone's opinions, or your own experiences, does the chance you'll get back together decrease as the amount of time you are apart increases? He broke up with me about a month and a half ago, but has just started calling me after 2.5 weeks of no contact.


So, any thoughts on this? I know that it depends on other factors, but what if anything does time have to do with it?



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No, not really, but it depends. Is he calling you because he misses you, or because he misses sex? My suggestion is that you take it slow--be friends--and see how much he pursues you.

And, no, time apart does not decrease affection. What is important is the strength of your relationship!

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I dont think that time aparts decreases chances of getting back together. Especially if the break-up occurred during a fight. Then it is better to let some time go by for the emotions to calm down until you get in contact again.


Any way, you have been 1.5 months away from your boyfriend. To me that is no long time at all. A long time apart for me would be 4 months onward, but whenever I read about people getting back together, they were usually apart for at least 4 months, mostly more than that.


I think that time matters when you are trying to pick up the broken pieces. I believe the more time that passes (at least 6 months) the more likely it is to start a new relationship with the same person. You know, start from scratch, which I think might be the best way to go, unless you got back together after a few days.


Good luck with everything.

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I agree, if it isn't picked back up within a few days (to maybe even a few weeks) then you might be looking at an, almost, new relationship, in the future, if one at all. I agree, too, that, should you, want the relationship back you should ease into it. There was a reason you broke up in the first place. Take some time, if he misses you, to ensure you get back into it on the right foot.


Good luck!

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