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My Boo


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There's always that one person that will alwasy have your heart

You never see it coming cause you're blinded from the start

Know that you're that one for me

It's clear for everyone to see

Oh baby

You will always be my boo


This verse from "my boo" (usher and alicia keys) says quite a lot. I'd like for each of you to tell us about that one special person who has touched your life in a way no other could. Since the forum is Finding Love and Soulmate, let's hear about that one person who has your heart and has blinded you from the start.

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thats not the only song like that you can relate to, there are many, right now im relating to an old n gold track, Boyz 2 Men - End Of The Road, but yeh my boo is making me feel depressed at the moment because im trying to get back with my girl and i dnt want another person to move in on her lol



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