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Long Eye Lash's... Good or bad?! ;0


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what do girls look for in a guy..


and um do guys with long eye lash's look good or bad? i got long eye lashs girls always ask me if i curl them rofl.. its starting to piss me off!


n its not funny!


i cant tell if they like it or think its weird..


my mom says im cute!!!! jokes ;0 l0l



and umm wtf!!! why all the ppl like 30+ years old say i have nice eyes?!

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I'm saying this for about the 10th time now


You CAN NOT generalize women. It just isn't possible to sum up what they like in their men, period.


They like tons of different things and their are women for every kind of man, from goth to preppy, sometimes it just takes time. About your eyes, i get the impression that you like them, i donno, i just do! And like Skyfire asked, it's about if you like them or not.


Eyelashes are just tinny little hairs. I'd say it'd be a cold day in hell when a woman said "no, your eyelashes are too long" You proably posted this looking for an answer to the question we all ask at somepoint, "who would date me, and am i hansome/hot?"


Your fine, dont worry. Good luck bro, your eyelashs are fine the way they are.

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i mean to ask a opinion to see what different girls like. i know some do n some dont but think about it.. if i see a alot of ppl saying yes i think it will look good dont u think i would like that if they say no then i would go with the thing that u said.. l0l anyways thanx for ur reply

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Well it's not like you can do anything about your eyelashes if a bunch of girls come here and say no. You were born with it and there are women out there that will like it. Believe me, I have long eyelashes as well. My g/f says that she loves looking at my eyes, and always says that I have gorgeous eyelashes. It's not like that's the only thing she looked for when we met, she actually said she didn't notice how long (and beautiful) my eyelashes are until we were together for like 3 weeks. I always get complimented on my eyes as well, and it's not like I care, I can't see them. I'm just happy with the way I am, and if a girl says she doesn't like it, well who gives a damn, I like myself. Thats all you need to do. Stop caring so much on whether you attributes are good or not, because there's always going to be girls out there that will love all your attributes, while some won't.

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Stop caring so much on whether you attributes are good or not, because there's always going to be girls out there that will love all your attributes, while some won't. -switch



hmm i wonder why its different for guy's if a girl looks good every guy will like her n and if like there is a totaly hidious girl no guy will like her...

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Well that "hideous" girl is only hideous in your eyes, not every guys. That "bombshell" is just a bombshell in your eyes, not every guys. There are people out there that will like one of the two, and despise the other. It's the same for both sexes. You may think that only girls with blue eyes are cute, while other guys may not even like blue eyes and prefer brown. Every person (male and female) looks for different things in the opposite sex, which is why it's so hard to just make a general list that says "What women/men really find attractive".

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ok ill be the girl here. first of all, you can generalize women, honestly you can generalize anything because there are always trend and norms. and for your question, personally long eye lashes is the BIGGEST thing that i look for, if a guy has long lashes its definitely something that will catch my eyes! not everyone likes it, but trust me i talk to other girls and GENERALLY we like it ALOTTT. dont be annoyed, thats our way of flirting...yes i know...pathetic lol but it is.

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poor baby ,,,, quick and simple reply..... long lashes look good on any one. im sure the girls who ask you that wish that they had them. eyes are the first thing that you see on a person usually,for me any way,and when your lashes are long they make you so much more sexier....so....dont worry.... im sure your a cutie... the girls are probably just trying to strike up a convo. with ya.... im sure they like them.... [/b]

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