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Could use some appinions on this one...

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Okay. Well I was going out with this guy for 2 weeks you can check back in my old posts about him. The guy that asked me out for a date 3 weeks ago. Well he finished with me last tuesday. He said he hasn't got the energy to give me the love that I need. I've never been a happy person, I've had a pretty crap life, but he helped me see that I should be happy and I've been trying ever since he dumped me. I spoke to him on the thursday about how I felt. I said that I was willing to give it my 100% and I hope that some day in the future we can give it another chance. He said he'd think on it and maybe.

But recently I've been getting the feeling he doesn't want me over at his. Don't get me wrong, it's not like I'm around him when I'm there. You see he lives in a 5 bedroom house with 6 other people. I'm friends with everyone that lives there and before we broke up I was over there pratically every day. But now I feel really difficalt going over. I'm thinking he's getting upset with me because he said 'shouldn't you do some homework' in a way it felt like he was saying 'go home' even though he said it as a joke. But I think I am going to give it a rest and not go over for a few days and then cut down on how much I go over to see my friends.

If you need more info about this then just ask, but I'm wondering if were going to go back out, become good friends or just grow apart compleatly. He was a very good friend to me before we went out and an even better boyfriend I don't want to lose him compleatly and I don't know what to say to him now as I don't want to seem pushy.

Thanks for reading,


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Here's the truth


You can't make someone love you!


If this guy wants nothing to do with you, I personally don't really believe you can change him. He helped you see you should be happy, but that doesn't make him Mr. Right. I would move on, but dont be intimidated when you feel like visiting your friends. And while your their, i wouldn't give him the time of day.

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okay your opinion is your opinion. You'd throw a friendship like that away? He is a really great friend. He does want something to do with me, he said he wants to be my friend and we might get back together in the future or might not it depends. And I never said I wanted to make him love me -.-; I basically just wanted to speak to him about how I'm feeling at the moment but wanted help on finding the right thing to say. I'm worried by telling him how I feel I might make things difficalt for him. It might be in apropriate, should I just speak to someone else and carry on not being able to open up to him much or should I speak to him and tell him I feel difficalt at the moment? I'm going to leave him alone for a few days first it's not like he's stoping me from seeing my friends, I just feel bad for him....

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as you may say forget the bad times remember wht you had fun with if you didn't have fun with him, didn't like wht he did theres no choice in staying with him or waiting because then you dont have a life a life tht involves other people. Sure you can stay friends I'm still friends with many of my ex's and they help in many ways, its if your going to be left there standing alone with no one to help you. Is he going to do that to you? You may say no because you believe hes a real good friend, friends can always turn backs as he has already done once to you. You and only you must make of wht happens with your life and if it goes wrong its not always ur fault but you can ALWAYS fix it.

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Hey Silver,


You don't really know what the problem is, if he doesn't tell you.


I would advice you to give him time and let him resolve whatever problems he has. Don't pressurize him to make a decision.


But at the same time, you should not hope of getting back togather etc. If you want to remain friends, in my book thats ok. But, he might not be ready to be friends with you.


So, give him time, let him work thingsd out. You can always become friends as you'll be in the same place and not moving somewhere he will be unreachable.


So, when the time is right, when he seems to have recovered, then slowly try to keep in touch with him, and see his reaction, and then try to become friends again.


Don't tell him anything at this time, as everything will only make me more frustrated.



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