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Is she just shy?


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So I have know this girl for about a year. We had a class together one semester which is when I noticed her, but never talked to her until we had another class the next semester. This is when I noticed she was into me, her body language was very easy to read. She would lean towards me when she laughed, act a little nervous, laugh, etc. Long story short, I got her number and flirted a bit but I had just started seeing another girl at the time so we only really talked in class, no flirting, just friends but only seeing each other in class. Fast forward to this year. I saw her in the library and said hello. Her body language was so easy to read again I knew she was still attracted to me. Since then we have talked a bit in between classes as well as texted back and forth. The problem is, I have tried to ask her out once or twice and she comes up with something each time and apologizes that she can't make it. For example, she told me when she was working and I stopped by around closing time. She was very excited to see me, had positive body language again, I made her laugh and we flirted for a bit. I invited her to a hockey game that weekend which she said would be really fun but that she had a yoga class to go to and may not be able to make it. What puzzles me is that she seemed so interested but turned me down for something so simple as a yoga class which she could attend at any time. She shows so many signs of attraction but she seems shy and I don't think she has dated much. My question is, does it sound like my assumption is correct, that she just shy and either can't see my attempts, or she turns them down for being nervous? H much longer should I keep trying to ask her out? I really like this girl but she is confusing me, showing positive signs but then turning me down for silly reasons.

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It's okay if you think they are 'silly' reasons. They are her reasons though.

It could be possible that you are taking things the wrong way? This 'flirting' may be just that.. flirting.

Not necessarily meaning anything. (maybe not on her part at least).


If she's turned you down.. accept it. If you try again and she gives same thing.. an excuse. Either leave her alone for a while and see if she starts to show YOU 'real' interest.

You could also send her a msg asking her if she's just interested in 'friendship' with you.. so you know for sure.


Only one who truly knows is her.

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