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Hi there,

I think that if a guy tells you he doesn't have a girlfriend without you asking--he is interested in you and wants you to know he is available.


I don't believe guys play hard to get. When a guy doesn't bother to make any moves I believe ( and I could be wrong) that he is just not that interested, very busy, already interested in someone else, or taken. Maybe a guy could give you a better answer to this one .


I don't know about the poem thing. Maybe he wants you to see how creative he is? Maybe he thinks of you as a good friend only, good enough to talk about his exes with?

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I don't know about hard-to-get, but some guys are more shy than others. Even if we seem interested by being flirty and stuff, sometimes the actual 'asking out' part doesn't come easy...


I'd agree about the poetry - he is probably showing you his creative side. I can't speak for him, but when I share my poems, songs, etc with someone, it is very special. You may be 'just friends' right now, but I'd say he is trying for more, or at least wanting you to see more to him...

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how can you tell he's playing hard to get?


If he drops out of sight and doesn't call for 3~4 days to a week after your date, and when he comes back he mentions nothing about the date. If you go out on a date and it seems like no big deal to him... and he probably walks around with a few of his girl friends in front of you to tell you you're not special... then suddenly come back and be sweet and all that so you'll fall for him. walks you home, drive you home, call you at night to say goodnight, but pretends he's not doing anything different from before.


... haha, someone's trying that on me right now. too bad i'm taken and not switching.


if he tells you he doesn't have a girlfriend it means 1. he's looking.. 2. he's considering you. unless if he keeps asking about your girl friend.. then he's considering your girl friend instead.


if he says he doesn't have a girlfriend when you didn't even ask... he's probably not playing hard to get. if anything i think he's a bit desperate.

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Oh, I think guys do like to play hard to get. ESPECIALLY if they already know that you like them.


My brother is this way, partly out of laziness and partly because he can get away with it. If they already KNOW, or have a pretty good idea that you're interested, they like to make themselves that much more attractive by having you pursue them. Just my thoughts.....

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