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is this really a good idea???


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ok, well i've heard a lot of times that if you like someone, and you don't want to ask them, or whatever, then get one of your friends to ask...is that really a good idea? cuz it could make you look like your too scared to do it yourself, and might give someone the wrong idea...


the reason i'm asking is that i want to get my friend to ask someone, but i don't want him to let her know that i wanted him to ask, i just want him to bring it up in conversation...i'm planning on asking him to ask her tomorrow, so i just wanted to know what everyone thinks...



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You're still young. I think you should be bold and ask her yourself. Getting a third party involved isn't a good idea - eventually she might find out herself what you did and get turned off. Girls like guys who take command. You should also do it as a way to become more confident in yourself and get practice.

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Bad idea... bad bad bad... If you're not able to ask them out yourself, forget it. I know a lot of people are shy and/or are afraid to get rejected. First of all, rejection is a part of life. Get used to it now so you can know how to handle it later on. Secondly, being shy is totally okay. But if you're really ready to be in a relationship, then you should be able to force yourself to look past your own shyness and approach the person. It's a great test of your own maturity, and a good step towards getting over your shyness. Even if you don't get the results you want, you can still say you did it!

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ok, thanx for replying...thats along the lines of what i was thinking, and i'm glad i asked...she already asked if i liked her, i didn't give her a strait answer cuz she didn't give me one...so i was just mainly tryin to get an answer, but i didn't know if it was a smart way to do it...again thanx, i might have ended up making a big mistake...

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