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HELP! Can't tell if this girl likes me! NEED ADVICE!!!!!!!!!


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There's this younger girl in one of my classes that I really like. I just can't take my mind off her. She could be the prettiest girl I've ever seen at my school. I feel like asking her out, but there are a few problems with that idea:


- She's a year younger: The problem with this is that I don't see her very often because we have different classes. Because of this, its hard to see what she's into, or who she hangs out with


- I can't tell if she likes me: My friend says that she's got the hots for me, but he's just joking. But, I'm getting lots of hints. Today, in class, she gave me a glare. I turn back, then look again, and she's still glaring. Another time I saw her point at me and say to her friend, "that's the guy". I don't think that she was saying something bad about me because I've only had two conversations with her.


So, what should I do?

I have two options- 1.) Go for it and ask her out


2.) Be patient and see what comes ahead

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i'd say ask around

-have a friends ask her friends

-have a friend of yours thats a girl go talk to her

-ok i know this is weird but plenty of guys i know have done it

make up a fake sn and start talking to her pretending to be someone else who she doesnt know( or does know, which ever feels safer)

-if all of these turn out possitive go for it ask her out! a guy with confidence is really hot.

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I think the worst thing you can do in a case like this is put your emotions to work. Don't involve your emotions at all. Instead of driving yourself crazy wondering whether she likes you, just focus on talking to her and getting to know her better first. I know you're attracted to her, but it's not worth beating yourself over. Take it easy, and next time you see her, try to approach her and talk to her.

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that's the guy usually means she likes you or she thinks you're a disgusting pig. take your pick. Ever thought about asking her? Just get it over with and ask her out. You know the rest from there by the way she looks at you.


And a year younger isn't a big deal. At least you have the privilege of being able to see her daily. We don't all have that you know, I'm one of them.

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