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how do i get her alone to talk 2 her


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ooook well i met this girl last year... it was her first year at my school..and well i started talkin 2 her thought she was nice and cute and stuff but i wasnt really into her, well we became friends and at the begging of this summer i realized i had really strong feelings for her and i still do like her.. a lot more then any1 ive ever liked...shes smart nice funny fun and beatiful..but thats besdies the point..well last weekend we were out with some friends and she had 2 leave i walked her 2 her car and as we walked we talked about alot of stuff stuff weve never talked about b4 and i really enjoyed just tlaking with her... well tomorrows friday and i kno im gonna hangout with her well dose anyone have any ideas how i can get her aloe 2 talk 2 her..maybe find out how she feels about me and i can tell her my feelings about her .... any ideas will help..o an di dont wanna make it 2 obvious....o and dose any1 ahve any idea 4 a x-mas present 4 her

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23 minutes is pretty quick to expect a response .


But anyway, I wouldn't rush this if I were you. You have to see some signs that she may like you back before you even try to hit on her. Flirt a little, but make it gradual so it doesn't look like it came out of the blue - she'll get scared off.


Don't go after her if she clearly views you as a friend, and do NOT spill your feelings to her. DON'T!! If I wanted to express my feelings to her, I would probably ask her out (be somewhat direct - I've been vague b4 and it's given the wrong impression that it's as "friends"). Your gut us uaually right, and decide when the time is right - not too early so she runs for the hills, but not too long so it appears u may be stalking her (happened to me once, but the girl discovered in the end I was just afraid to talk to her at the time I liked her and now we get along fine).


Good luck!

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