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What does it mean...? So Frustrated:(

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What does it mean when your ex randomly flirts with you? Randomly as in, telling you to stay out of their life, ignoring you for a month, then flirting with you with their tone and facial expressions... biting their lip, etc.


I am so unbelievably confused. I know I have posted a lot in the past 2 days and I apologize, this just doesn't make senseeeee.

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Sounds pretty manipulative to me... only because of the part involving this person telling you to stay out of their life then ignoring you. I wouldn't respond to this flirting unless they apologize profusely for being so immature.

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I wouldn't read too much into it. Let the flirting go, without responding to it either positively or negatively. That may be hard, I know, but ignoring it will help you not get 'sucked in' by it. Sometimes even negative reactions will only serve to encourage it.... If it gets to be too much, then ask him to stop and that you do not appreciate his behavior. You may have to just be blunt about it if he doesn't quit.


Sounds like he knows what 'gets' you. That is very manipulative no matter what his intentions...

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