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places to go?

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I look at things as being in a few categories, some of which can intermix. One is a talking date, another is a fun date, and a third is the enterainment date.


A movie is an entertainment date. You don't talk, and you might not have fun.


A fun date does not require talking, but you might. It also need not be entertaining. A couple could play minature golf and have fun and talk. They could fight each other in paint ball.


A talking date is going somewhere to do somethign but at which you will talk, such as dinner. Lunch in the park, as mentioned above, is another one. When i was in college, I used to order take out chinese and take women to dinner in a park. Worked great.

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Hehe, i figure you meant to hang out lol (stupid me )


Going out for food is tons of fun. I always thought that hanging out with other couplese and friends and stuff was lots of fun too. But if you need alone time, how bout the movies, or a nice restaurant. Want so alone time to chat and hang out..i'd say that StArLTtE~NiGhTs has got the idea with the park, a walk along the beach is cute (sorry for not being more original hehe.) How bout just chillin at one of your houses when everyone else isn't home. Rent a movie, turn down the lights. It's xmas, go for a drive, or a walk around and check out some lights.

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If two people get along well enough they can probably be happy doing just about anything. I like the past couple of posts, there are definetly divisions of dating and activities. My problem is that I like more fun and talking dates as opposed to entertainment dates, and being how its very cold outside and I live in a pretty nothing town, there isn't much to do.

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Take your g/f out to where the both of you can just let loose and be yourselves. Go-cart riding is fun. Anything that allows for competition is FUN! Plus, you'll get that adrenaline rush. Other places that you can take your date: scenic. In Orange County, we have this place called "Top of the World" at Laguna Beach, where you can sit along the hillside, and enjoy the city lights at night. It's romantic. It's also very beautiful in the day time.


You can also do other things like hang out at the beach, and walk along the pier. This advice is only applies to if you live near a beach. Some beaches also have places where you can rent cruisers.


One of the best dates that I had was when my ex took me out with his buddies, and we went bike riding. It reminded me of the scene from ET. It was all good! Although, my face was green, and I felt like throwing up, I still enjoyed it!


Be creative. Cater your dates according the the personality of your relationship. I'm sure that you'll come up with other ideas too. Have FUN!

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You mean for sex, or to visit?






Where you go also depends on your relationship level. Beec hit it right on. At the beginning of a relationship keeping conversatoin going can be difficult because you dont know much about them, go for a funner date where you wont feel obligated to keep conversation going.

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