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some words many of you may relate to

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one of my best friends wrote this in an email to me when she found out about our breakup. i cried when i first read it and it really does give me a lot of comfort. some of I'm sure will agree with me in believing that we've all experienced something beautiful and maybe this will be of some comfort to you as well...


"think of the naive girl you were then and be proud of all that's happened since then...you have had someone appreciate you in every way imaginable. i have never had that, and i am jealous. its always a give and take and that has come with a lot of pain that right now seems borderline intolerable but you must know that you have undergone a beautiful thing. even the pain, the harsh breakup, the flood of human emotion and connection that has gone through you two is absolutely incredible, its the thing that amazing novels are written about, that painful songs lament over, and in our society such a love seems more and more impossible. i have gotten over boys, i have never gotten over however their poor treatment of me. i have been faced with intense cruelty, manipulation, and words i've waited my whole life to hear that were used only for the wrong reasons. you haven't. everything that has taken place between you is real and you shouldn't want to ruin those memories with new bad ones, such as confrontations and drawn out high emotion talks that go nowhere."

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Wow, your friend wrote some amazing thoughts. Recently me and my best friend were talking about my ex boyfriend. I told her that I hated him sometimes. And she said that I don't hate him, I am just unsure of how to deal with my emotions. She said that we had an awesome relationship and she knows I love him still.


She also has never had a true boyfriend, just losers that sometimes use her and she uses them. I wish someday she could experience what I did with my ex. I can't imagine what messes I would get into with guys if I had never been in love. I was foolish before I met him and very wise when we parted.

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