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why won't it work?

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so, out of curiosity, i have tried masturbation to see what it feels like, but nothing seems to be happening. i have absolutely no reaction to anything. will sex be as pointless as this? do some girls just not feel anything? this has been puzzling me for a couple of years (im in my late teens so its not like i haven't hit puberty or don't know myself or whatever)

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I think that it is going to take you some time to get used to the whole idea of sex. Some people have a low sex drive. You may have a hormonal problem. I have a feeling that if you had a bf then you would feel more sexual. You probably have gotten the message that it is wrong to want sex and only bad girls really want sex.


If you have learned something then you can also unlearn it.

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I often find the same thing..I don't really feel anything. And when my bf & I were fooling around I also wasn't turned on in the least. I thought it might jsut be because I wasn't attracted to him, but maybe I have some sort of hormonal imbalance? My bf suggested that actually because neither of us could really understand..


How do you get something like that checked out though? is there some sort of test you can do?

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I don't know if you were asking me or the OP, but in any case yeah I've been horny before..the only time I really get like that though is the week before or the week of my period. So I'm thinking it could be something chemical or related to hormones..otherwise I'm hardly ever in the mood mentally & it just feels like a chore.

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I'm far from an expert in this subject for women... but in past conversations on this board the general consensus seems to be that some women will not orgasm until later in their lives, somtimes past their teens. If your really worried about it, yes the doctor can check for chemical inballances.

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I just read that women are more sexual following their ovulation, which is why you feel more horny during your PMS time. This is good to know.


Another thing is that the chemicals in our brain do determine our emotions, which is why we sometimes are not aware of all of our feelings, its because we need to be stimulated to feel a certain way.


Guys are visually stimulated because the have a higher sex drive, they see a sexy woman and they can make love to her in their dreams that night and that is all well and good, but women can't do that unless they really know what they are feelings and want to feel sexual.


For men sex is more instintive and less in control of their bodily functions, so to speak. Women are normally in charge of their feelings more or less than men.

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