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How do I deal with this


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I have been married for a long time, it wasnt a really good marriage, almost divorced.. Met someone online and fell in love, but due to him being married, we knew it couldnt go anywhere.. But even though marriage is better, I still think of him constantly and I still cry, for I feel he was really the man meant for me? any suggestions..

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I think you are wasting your thoughts and energy. If you are going to stick with your husband, then why not put them into making that what all it can be and making that the right relationship for you. Not easy and it probably requires work and learning, but it seems like the best choice.

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If he's really meant for you, then you will one day be with him. If you find that your never with him then you cant bother sweating it, your not with him for a reaosn, if it were meant ot be it owudl be, if it weren't then hes insignificant except for a friend.

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