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I dont think ive put this topic under the best section, but I think its to do with attraction.


I recently told a girl that I really do love that i love her. She believed that i loved somebody else, and wants me to prove my love to her. Can anybody tell me any good way (for a 13 year old, year 8,) to prove my love for her?

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Hey Man,

im 15 so i think the best way is to just stay true to her talk to her a lot more, try your hardest to be around her... Steady yourself a little bit more away from other girls... make it look like N/C ( no contact ) with that "Other" girl... thats what i would do... And Flirt with the girl that you love more.. Call her send her emails, notes, be nice n sweet.. Movies?? That Kinda stuff..


need more help reply

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Hi Adzy,

I read your post, and then read Just a Teen's response. His train of thought seems pretty much correct. I hate to touch the age subject, but it's part of the situation. . . At age 13, there is a certain limit as to what you can do to show someone you love them. Hopefully, you're not sexually active and that isn't an option. And... why would she think there is someone you love more? I could remember as a girl being jealous if my "boyfriend" paid attention to other girls... the solution is simple, follow what Just a Teen said; pay A LOT less attention to the girl. If that isn't enough for her, then something is wrong. What kind of proof does she need?

You're 13, it's ok to have gal pals. Furthermore, you don't need a SUPER jealous girl making you change how you are... if the flowers, candies, messages, emails and extra attention aren't enough for her, she's not the one for you. I know that is difficult to hear, but try to look at it from another angle. And if by chance, the specific task is to humiliate the other girl, DON'T DO IT! Why would you want to love someone that gets pleasure from seeing other people hurt? You might be next! One last thing... if the specfic task is to buy her anything WAY expensive, think twice before you do it, she may just be after that. OK, I've talked a lot. I hope it helps.... ~Aegis

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We talked about it last night and I think she was just feeling slightly jealous at the time because the other girl kept trying 2 flirt wif me. She thought there was no actual task i could do to prove i dont like the other girl. She is fairly good friends with the other girl, and they are in the same class. I think ill just keep doing what everyone said, talk to her more, and pay a lot less attention to the other girl.


Thanks for everyones help

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I have to agree with what is above, there is no black and white solution. At 13 your options are limited. It is the small things that will make her feel like the only person you love. Me and my girlfriend sat down and talked one time and she told me some of the thigns that i did that made her feel that I really loved her, and it is the little things, holding the door, looking her in the eyes when you are talking, holding her hand, smiling at her, being polite.

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Today I flirted with her a fair bit. The "other girl" flirted wif me a little bit but i sort of rejected her, and it made the girl i like feel special. Her names Stacey by the way. I talked with her a lot, and tried to hold her hands whenever possible. I pretended I was just playing around wif her, lol. A lot of people know I like her now, including the "other girl". Shez fine with it, so that problem is solved. The "other girl" (because shez her friend, and she talks to her lots) said that Stacey was really happy bout me liking her, so thats a good sign.


I hope everything stays well...Im thinking about asking her out tomorrow maybe. Has anybody got any ideas about how I should do it, what I should say, and when I should do it?

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Hey... Want to go out to the ___ some this/next ___


Give her a place you want to go with her and a day, dont be hesitant and do it in person if you think your going to be nervous rehrese in front of the mirrior. Ask her when she is by herself, but has a good escape route so she wont feel traped. Where are you planning on taking her? Movies are good for first date because you have alot of time togehter but do not have the pressures of keeping up a conversation for a few hours.

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