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Curious. Guys, what do you consider "attractive" ?


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I'm very curious to know what guys consider attractive as sometimes, I feel like I'm a bit strange, as I seem to like a different kind of girl than most other men.


Let me explain:

I like a tall, voluptuous woman. I like a woman to have nice curves and not be stick thin. I find stick-thin to be quite UNattractive. Also, by tall, I mean TALLER than me, and I'm 5'10!! Girls in the past I have seriously dated have been 5'11", 6'0", and 6'6". The shortest I've ever "dated" was 5'9". Nothing ever happened with that one.


Am I weird? Personally, I find it a super turn-on to be able to either look a girl straight in the eye or have to crane up a bit. Other than that, eye color, hair color etc.... doesn't matter! I'm not picky.


What do you guys think, and also what do you like?

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Well for the initial physical attraction, I'm really attracted to a nice smile, great eyes nice figure (doesn't have to be a model, but at least tone), and sexy legs. Other than that I could really care less (like hair color, voluptuous or not, nationality, and all that other stuff). But after that what really attracts me is personality and character. I've met many girls that have the physical traits that I liked, but their shallowness or stupidity just made them so unattractive to me. When I met my current g/f I wasn't expecting her to be as great as she turned out to be (like they say, once you stop looking for love it finds you). She has such an awsome personality and character that I found myself totally in love with her only after a few days of talking to each other (funny how she felt the same way about me).


The biggest turn on for me is confidence, or maybe it's maturity, they both kinda go hand in hand sometimes. When a girl is able to show me that she can do anything and not worry about "falling" I find it remarkable, especially when the girl doesn't look like she would be that way.

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As for appearance, I will go for a girl who is just slightly shorter than me (I'm 180cm or 6'0"), so that she won't tower over me once she dons high heels, long hair, pleasant looking face. Like BCBoy, I won't really notice stick thin or grossly overweight girls. Very much prefer slim to average, in short, someone who is my build.


For character, maturity and intelligence is a must. Shallow people are a huge turn off, hate it when you want to talk about something serious and she treats the whole thing like a joke. I believe in trust and openness, no secrets. That's why I'll go for someone who I think is loyal and sensible. Most importantly, two of us must click!


An interest in jogging would be a bonus!.


LOL, sounds like everyone's dream girl? heh

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I have dated all kinds of different women (as far as physical traits go) and I believe the most attractive girl is one who has a really cute smile. I won't notice overweight girls as much but I have dated them before and they turned out to have a cool personality in most cases. So yeah personality comes next there. I agree that the shallowness of some girls is a huge turn-off.

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Holy, there are millions of different opinions on this matter but for me:


Physically, I find that my eye catches girls who are just slightly chubby, not fat, but nicely rounded, soft, you know? usually these girls are between 5' and 5'8".


Smoking turns me off right away. First of all, intelligence is important to me in a girl and no intelligent person can smoke.


I don't really like tattoos, I mean a small one is OK, but a big one up her back is just a little too much I think.


on the inside I am attracted to girls who are intellectual and kindness really turns me on for some reason.


cuteness (in and out) is bigger to me than magazine cover beauty.

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This is just me but as far as initial physical appearance goes, number one for me would have to be the eyes. I'm not too picky on the colour of them (although a bright blue looks great). As long as they stand out, I can't think of anything more attractive than a bold (yet not too bold), beautiful and radiating set of eyes. A great smile would be next in my books. As for the rest of the body, as long as she is respectively slender and shows signs of staying physically fit, then all of the above would be the ideal girl in my opinion.


As far as personailty goes, intelligence is tops. Also, sometimes I can find shyness to be appealing to me as well. In a way, I find that it's cute when I talk to a girl who is shy and she blushes. It just makes me want to talk to her more and squeeze some words out of her.


Okay, so I'll admit that I'm actually describing someone I know. But anyways, I must also agree that girls who are very shallow show no signs of long-term attraction. It's just not fun to stick around girls who can't be serious when a situation calls for maturity. Just makes you think of the time you wasted with them.

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So is it looks or the inside that counts?


Well i discovered once u really like some1 they become physically more attractive to you....dnt kno why jus happens....


anyway they hav to be shorted then me which aint hard but not too short....not to thin not to thick.....and a gurls eyes and smile really attractives me if she has beautiful eyes then im attracted str8 away...


As for tha inside she must hav a good sense of humours thats essential she cannot be quiet an must get along wit most ppl.....Tha sense of humour jus bonds everythin togetha believe me.....


its all a matter of opnion THO

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Well i discovered once u really like some1 they become physically more attractive to you....dnt kno why jus happens....



YES, Thank God for that!


Although, if the girl is really, really hot, like the first time you see her you almost fall over or something then she will tend to look a little more average with time, I guess because you become desensitized to her. But average girls do definitly become more attractive.


Also, I find as soon as a girl says something nice to me or does something nice for me she automatically becomes more physically attractive. Its probably a trick that your mind plays on you to tell you that she is someone worth going after.

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