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Does he like me?


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ok, so there's this guy who is really hot and athletic. the problem is he sometimes acts weird around me and other times ignores me. Like, for like a month, he always hung around me when we saw each other and stared at me randomly. then when i made eye contact he would give me little smiles. but then for like two weeks he was totally ignoring me, and then he did the smiling thing again with a really sweet expression on his face. What is up? Does he like me or not? I think he might not because i wouldn't consider myself really attractive (i'm a really smart girl with freckles).

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Don't be so down on yourself.. a lot of times guys do like you but its really hard to tell.. why is it that a lot of girls who have freckles think they are ugly.. I for one love a girl with freckles.. plus chances are that if he is a jock and he looks at you he does like you.. but then again I am a punk and my views may be different than a jock's so keep your hopes high and just assert yourself

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It's hard to tell if this guy likes you with the information that you've given us. We see posts like this one every day.


Are you attracted to him? If so, you should just talk to him and if the conversation goes well ask him to get together some time.


He might be a player and flirting with you and not really like you. Or he might like you and is trying to get your attention.

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