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Theres this girl in my class...


She goes to the back of the class with her friends to work...theres a guy back there that she sometimes talks to...some times she hits him and when she passes by me she says she hates him an hes a _______...


I wanted to when girls do that is that:

1= an everyday kinda thing, where girls are always sayin that kind of stuff

2= does she mean it...does she really hate him

3= is that a sign of liking someone

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I think that she is showing that she is not really interested in him more than a friend, and that she doesn't have the verbal skills to explain how she really feels about him, this is why we hit, right? We are lacking the verbal ability to explain our own sense of frustration to that person. We think that we are teaching them a lesson by punishing them, but we are really just increasing the likely hood that what they are doing to make us angry will repeat itself over and over....

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finittz, whether she hates him or not depends really on the way its said.. if she is jokingly saying she hates him, its most probably not serious, just one of these "man i hate that guy".. but in a joking manner, thereforeeee it means nothing, their just friends. but if she is serious in the tone which she tells you that in, then she might really hate him.

Just like when she hits him.. theres two ways really, either she likes him, she feels quite shy around him, so she jokingly hits him on the arm or such just to lighten the mood, or just because she doesnt want an akward silent moment, or.. she might be hitting him because she really does hate him, or third could just be friend-hitting... them just messing around because its something to do. You can tell a lot by facial expressions of the person when they do an action or say something..


(I really have to start making sense.. second post today i just cant seem to write down what i really want to say, just comes out.. wrong).


Oh, and you cant really say whether its "something girls do".. as everyone is different, it just depends on the person/the way they say it.




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