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Losing interest...


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Just started emailing this gal for a month or so. Initially we wrote each other at length couple times a week, and she gave me her phone number and I called her and we had a long talk for the first time. I hope i didn't sound too silly, but i thought we had things in common. Anyway, ever since it's been a week, and i haven't heard from her, so just wondering if she's losing interest already, or just plain busy...


Of course i don't want to sound desperate, but is there a way to ask her nicely that if that's the pace she wants to progress? I guess i just have to pace myself slower as well.

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The only thing i can tell you is that you dont want to get your hopes up when it comes to consistancy. Most of the relationships that you have with people the communication isn't consistant. You need to realize that, what you need to learn to do is use that inconsistancy to your advantage. All you ever have with a person is the moment that you are talking to/with them after that everything is up in the air. Enjoy that moment and dont have expectations of the future.

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