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Something really great has happened to me and i really need some advice to take advantage of this. When i came home from school yesterday, my sisters friend and i were talking and she told me a girl that worked near me thought i was cute. When i heard it, i made sure the girl thought i was cute, not my twin brother and she said it was definitely. Im really excited because this could lead to me finally having someone. Anyway, i was thinking that i should go into her work and start a convo or have my sister introduce me. What would be the best way to approach her????? Please give me some advice!

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I would say that there is no harm in trying to initiate conversation. See if it goes anywhere! Maybe just tell her who you are and that you've heard your sister mention her before and she sounded like a nice person that you might be willing to get to know. It makes you sound sincere and confident, while encouraging her to open up and get to know you. If nothing else, you'll have a great friend! Good luck!

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yeah, i would say that you should try starting a convo with her. I mean if you had your sister introduce ya'll ... personally since i am a girl and a guys sister introduced me to their brother or the other way you know, i would take the guy as being such a brave or encouraged guy, you know?


If you try to start a convo with her fist and all that funn stuff i would take you as a smoother kinda guy. like more points or w/e idk.. lol. I hope i helped.

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See the problem is ive never met her before. I wouldnt know what to her about but i really want to make this work somehow because if i don't its going to be a llllooooooooonnnnngggg dry spell in terms of dating for me, since the way i look isnt exactly in demand these days. So please WHOEVER is reading this, i dont care if u think ur advice is stupid or not, just please post advice, im desperate!!!!!!!!

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First of all, RELAX. Don't go into this desparate or anxious, thinking this is your one chance at romance. Thinking like that will only make you nervous, unsure of yourself, and more likely to say or do something that hurts your chances. Approach her like you would any other person you want to talk to. Say hi, tell her you've seen her around, and ask her about herself. Ask if she likes her jobs, what her hobbies and interets are, etc. Try to get to know about her and hopefully you'll hit on something you have in common. Just be sure to relax.

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