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those who wish to die: READ

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Sorry it's written this way, but there were too many posts recently to individually comment that way. So i want you all, everyone out there who wants die to read this. Also, please know, anyone, i dont care who you are, anyone can please msg me if you ever need to talk. i'm serious. i may not be the best help out there, but i'll try and do everything in my power to get you through this and help you realize that life is in fact worth living.


i don't think any of your posts are for attention, i know you need help. and hopefully i can give it to you. it's not your fault you're going through whatever you're going through, don't forget that. you are all very strong people and i respet that so much. life takes a lot of strength to live sometimes. you are not alone and it's not your fault. but there is help i promise! all is not lost!


if it makes you feel any better, you're not alone. most of us here, myself included, have been or am where you are now. the important thing to remember is that you CAN continue living and the rest of your life isn't going to be like this.


there is help out there. you can still live a normal life like everyone else. all is not lost, i promise! take advantage of this short life while you still can. there is a purpose for you i promise. use your strength and experience with life's struggles for something positive. you can do so much. never doubt yourself. i know how special you all are and i hate that you don't believe it. you all can places and you can do things. take advantage of life while you can! please stick around and please please please don't commit suicide. if you've already ingested pills or something like that, call 1-800-SUICIDE or 1-800-222-1222. you can still live. or dial 911. get some help now or msg one of us or something. call the police or talk to someone. call a hospital! you can get through this, its not too late.


don't be so hard on yourself. try and have a little confidence. if you maintain this attitude that the world is against you and you'll never win, you're setting yourself up for failture. you can do anything you want and you're just as important as anyone else. don't forget that and don't let anyone convince you otherwise.


i feel the same way sometimes. some things in life really hurt me sometimes and i wonder how i can keep on going. but i'm so glad ive never acted upon these feelings. you have to understand right now, THIS ISN'T GOING TO BE THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. true, life is short, but it's not that short. you've got to much time left and you're so young..who knows what can happen for you! please don't believe that you're doomed for the rest of your lives! i promise you're not, you deserve to live just as much as anyone else and life will not ALWAYS be hard for you.


hey, if you're unhappy with the way certain please treat you, it's your life not their's. don't let them get away with treating you that way always and ruining your life. i know it's hard, but you have a life completely separate from your family's or anyone else's. get out of the house when you can. get a job that you don't extremely hate, and if you do hate it, just suck it up long enough to make some money. get out of the house and move if you want. you don't have to listen to your parents or other people in your immediate environment anymore. you have so much to live for. you have your entire life ahead of you. a life outside of other people you think are making your life so bad. you can do something about this. i'm truly sorry this upsets you all because i know how it feels, but believe me, if i can do it you can too. i'm not the only one who can beat this suicide thing.


you should go out and try to meet some people. you know, concerts, movies, clubs, school, etc. you can do it. just remember - try and maintain some confidence because YOU ARE worth it!


the point is, you're so young and have so much to live for. i know it's hard to see now, but just remember, suicide is a permanent solution to a TEMPORARY problem. this isn't going to be the rest of your life. please don't get lost in your sadness. pull yourself up and realize you CAN live. you can take advantage of this life. things are going to happen for you all one day, just believe that they can. the things in your life you're unhappy with, try and make a difference. see what you can do. you're not completley helpless i promise. you can get through this. if you ever want to talk to me or anyone else on this board, please do. we'd love to help you through this difficult time.


try talking to someone..your friend or someone you trust..or one of us. anything you have to do. or if you ever feel really down, watch a good movie or listen to some good music. get a hobby. learn to play an instrument. join a club or organization. study. write. take a walk or exercise. you're gonna have so many things happen for you if you just stay strong and believe that your life isn't always going to be like this. you can do it. you can get through this. i've been there and you're not alone.


i know life gets hard, believe me i do. life is a struggle sometimes, but you'd never enjoy the good if you never felt the bad. you just gotta believe that there is still some good out there! stick around please and enjoy the good parts of life, because they exist i promise you. you're strong, wonderful people and i hope you can see that. and again, if you ever ever need to talk to anyone, please msg me or anyone else on here. take care and visit these sites, please..like others have said on here, THEY CAN HELP AND THEY HELPED ME TREMENDOUSLY!!


link removed

link removed


or call




these really do help, trust me..i've been there. please trust us. we all care about you so much and want to see you live!!


i know this sounds repetitive and i know you've heard it all before, but please just BELIEVE ME. i've been there, i've had the same hard experience you're going through now. no matter what, just remember someone out there has it worse. but unlike some people, like soliders in iraq about to be beheaded or someone with AIDS or cancer, YOU CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT IF YOU JUST BELIEVE YOU CAN. you have to believe that life is worth living and that you deserve life just as much as anyone else and things will in fact happen for you. you're not doomed, i thought i was at one time too....i was wrong. please trust me and please stick around. you'll never know what will happen in life if you end it. i'm here for you and so are everyone else on here.


see ya

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Thank you for this. Members have been wanting a message like this one. I'm glad this topic has finally been stickied. For suicide is certainly the most tragic and most destructive thing that can ever happen.


I too have been there. It seems like nothing was ever going to change, that my life would be a never-ending re-enacment of the same pattern.


I would've rather not have gone through this. However, I must admit one thing, which might shock some people. It was when I was at the very bottom that I found some ground to start to climb again. What I'm trying to say is, you don't feel that way for no reason. Once you've identified what's wrong and tried acting about it, things will get better.


I know, I know, this is so hard to believe, just soooo awful hard to believe. Some of you might wonder can he expect us to have some faith when we've lost all hope.¨


Well here's a little something that helps me. I picture in my mind what I actually want. Trust me it doesn help, gives you something to aim for. And this in return helps to build up hope, to start believing once again that things can't get worse, that things will get better.


Hang on there people, we are not alone.




P.S.: I've just noticed this is not stickied. Common sense would certainly direct this topic to be sticked, at least for a little while, considering the amount of people touched by this and the risk of it.

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Yes, i felt like that but ive supressed it and relised suicide is not the answer..If you need help please PM me/anyone who you feel you can talk to and try and think about it first....Suicide is not a logical answer, it''s how wimps deal with life


Also if your int he UK dial 999 or


The samaritans are uk based group dealing with suicide and other issues please consider giving them a call


Here is their info: link removed

Ph #: 08457 90 90 90




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Here are some options for people who want to die:


1. Move away. But a one way ticket to a city where no one knows who you are so you can make a fresh start!!!!!!!

2. Remember how hurt some people will be that you will be gone.

3. Remember that suicide is a pernament solution to a temperory problem.

4. Remember that most people seriously consider suicide at some time in thier life. You are NOT alone. Most people have considered suicide and found a way out, and if they can do it, so can you.

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thank all of you for caring so much. its exactly what i needed to hear. for a while now, it seems like my life is just a downward spiral, like its never gonna look up. but now i know it will. i just have to tuff some things out a little longer and it will be better.

i know i can make it.


thank you all

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Every post I've answered for suicide, I've made this quote.


Suicide is by far the most selfish act that you can commit. You may think that no one will care, but believe me, in every case, you're freakin' wrong. Many will eb affected, no amtter how many disliked you. They'll think about how horrid they were to you, and the bad thing is, you won't be around to hear it.


And you know i'm right.


Suicide is never the answer.


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