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Love is only a four letter word. True love doesn't exist and neither does a soul mate. It's as mythical as religion or the Chinese Dragons (might've existed once upon a time). This is sad but true. Many thoughts fly into my head when I think about true love. We create this hope in our head to give ourselves a reason to be patient and to have hope that one day true love will come. The truth is, there are a few people in this world that actually find that intense connection between each other, these two people are usually very attracted to each other physically and mentally and they are very easy to satisfy. Finding that kind of intense connection is harder than winning the lottery. So you better forget about true love.

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Well I guess I better buy me a lotto ticket since I have found my true love. How do I know it's true? Because the love felt and expressed is physical, mental, and spiritual for both of us. There's no way I can put it into words for anyone to understand, but I know that true love does exist, especially since after years of searching, I found it.

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I kind of aggree with the idea that love is dead for many people, but that doesn't mean that you can't maintain a long-term relationship and follow thru on commitments without being in the throws of a honeymoon state at all times with your mate.


We have commitment to a goal of maintaining a functional alliance, we have passion when we need to and lots of intimate time to whisper things of importance...the fact that we are still civil with ourselves and those around us is important too.


Yes and no, there is a thing called love in the world, it takes control and self esteem and intelligence to maintain a stable life and love comes from within and then travels to others....so in other words, yes and no!!

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Wow, you must've been hurt pretty badly to be so bitter and defeated.


I have found true love, a love that I dreamt about as a child but a love that, as an adult, I became too jaded to believe in. Then it found me and I believe again--as does everyone who witnesses my relationship.


It exists... you just have to let it in.

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I disagree with you.


I know it isn't a great feeling to be hurt, because something had to make you feel that way. I've been hurt before too. But in my opinion true love does exist. Like I said, it's not the greatest, to be hurting but it does make you a stronger person and smarter for the next go around.


But, it does exist. Look at all those happy people out there that have it in their life. And I'm telling you this and I'm not one of them with that happiness in my life.



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Oh my.... You know I have no idea what to think about this. It is sort of disconcerting to know that there are people out there who basically think I'm off my rocker or completely stupid because I believe I have found my soul mate, my one true love. And I can't even guess what has happened to some people to make them so negative and bitter that they have to label the rest of us as morons because we've succeeded in something that they haven't had much luck with.


I would like to think that I'm right, and that these great things do exist, and that those with negative views will be happily surprised sometime down the road.

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I believe in love and soulmates. I found mine, we were together for a short 2 years, then he died in a car crash. I was devastated. Now what.


You see, the problem I always say is fairytales. They always find the prince if they kiss the frog, and live happily ever after. THERE IS NO SUCH A THING.


Love is not a feeling. Being IN LOVE is a feeling, and a very nice and intense, earth shattering feeling. But it inevitably blows over. Then you have to WORK AT LOVE. It does not automatically stay with you. No matter how good the match between two people, they still come from different home environments, different parents and different circumstances. This creates all kinds of obstacles to overcome. If you really love the person, you learn to compromise, and even change some of your behaviours for the benefit of the relationship. In the end you work to having contentment, fondness, happiness, but on the flipside you DON'T feel emptyness, or heartache, but also not the rollercoaster of being in love either.


With love you feel save and secure, content and happy. THAT is something, if you work on keeping it, could last a lifetime. If you are looking for that EXTREME highs you will inevitably get the VERY LOWS.


My ideal is to find the middle line in this rollercoaster, no extreme highs and lows.....just enought to stay in touch.


You see im still on earth, my love is in heaven. There must be a reason I was not taken with him, my work on earth is not done yet. I HAVE TO BELIEVE IN LOVE.

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Makes me think of the Broadway musical "Into the Woods". The first act is "happily ever after"- Cinderella and Rapunzel get their princes, the witch gets her beauty, Jack gets his gold.... Everything is perfect. The fairytale ending.


Act two is what happens AFTER "happily ever after"- the cruel reality that even the best things in life can be costly. But still, even with all of the bad, the end is good, and they learn their lessons and they are better for it. Happier for it, in the long run. They're hurt, but they go on.

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Some people are so busy trying to fine "the one" they completely miss the boat of happiness, becouse they are looking for the wrong things in the wrong places.


"the one" could be the friend who has been around forever, who you just didn't bother to see, becouse it did not suit your "picture" of what "the one" should be like.


Get back to reality guys!

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I agree that true love exists, and also that many people never experience it. However, I don't really believe in soulmates...but rather, some people are just extremely compatible. The world is such a big place, and there are so many people, so if you think you've found "the one"...well, what if there's several others throughout the world? -Shrugs- you never know.

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Love is the motivation of life! In my opinion it is anyway. What does everyone want, need and desire most? Why LOVE of course! There's nothing better! Just know that it may not last forever, but it can touch you forever. I've found a love that I once thought was strictly "fantasy". Never give up on finding it. When you least expect it is when it will turn up. -Bree

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People!!! Especially the dudes in love, you are waiting to be hit with a 2by4. Keep your lady in check. Hell, I wish somebody gave me some advice like this when I needed it.


"C.R.E.A.M- Cash Rules Every Thing Around Me" well almost everything


I got to agree with that dude

Love is possible, but only in one-sided form. If you love someone, they're definitely not going to feel the same way.

Love= Feeling really good

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I think it's silly that you would try to tell other people what they do or do not feel. Last I checked, my boyfriend loved me as much as I love him, and that is more than I could find words to express. I know too many incredible people in incredible relationships (including MANY people on this site) to believe that love does not exist, or that it is purely one-sided.

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Well, I think true love exists, but it usually comes when least expected. True love cannot be forced or searched for too deeply. What other people have said is true - it's not easy to establish a strong physical, mental, emotional and spiritual connection with one single person all at once. You might have to go through meeting several people before you find that love with someone else - the right one.

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